Missionary numbers swell to 80,000

According to an article published here on the examiner.com, the number of missionaries could swell to 80,000. Due to the recent change in mission age, the number of missionary applications a week jumped from 700 to 4,000 in the first two weeks after the announcement last October. That number is beginning to level off, but has consistently stayed above double the 700 applications previous the change.

The article goes on to talk about a new Missionary Training Center (MTC) being built in Mexico City to house the vast number of young and restless premies. This will take the number of MTCs worldwide from 15 to 16.

I am so excited reading this! I knew the number of missionaries would grow after the announcement, but I could never imagine it would grow this much! The work of Heavenly Father is continuing and cannot be stopped until he declares it finished.


A quick video on Mormon Missionaries

I found this today and it just spoke to me. The Mormon missionaries are really just trying to help people. Even if people don’t want their religious help, missionaries have helped out in so many post-natural disaster zones, like Katrina and Sandy clean-ups, as well as after the tsunami in Indonesia. They help anyone who needs it, because that is what Jesus Christ would have done.