Haley’s last letter from her mission


Hi family!

So I feel like writing a big email at this point is dumb because I’m going to see you all in a few days and can tell you in person, buuuuut I have to send something back.
This week was such a good week for the work. I did what you all said and just put my head down and went to work. I didn’t start packing until saturday. Sunday was just a big group saying “What?? You are going home??” I just replied “YES! I told you all this six weeks ago!” Aiyo, silly people. I had to give a surprise talk in sacrament meeting about my mission. I just shared the love I have for the people here and it was just really sad. I am so going to miss these people. But its ok, because everyone has facebook, so we’ll keep in touch. Everyone was making marriage jokes and talking about how fast it’ll be once i get to BYU- I do ah. Aiyo, again. There were also jokes made about me marrying a Malaysian, and I shut those down very fast.
This was the week we ate EVERY THING!! So many members took us out for authentic food. OH my heck, I will miss Ipoh’s food. It is the best in Malaysia. I probably put on a few pounds just from eating. It was so good on the wallet though. that is how people show their love here, they buy you stuff and they feed you. it works out pretty well for us.
Anyway, I have nothing left to say. Sorry, ah? But I love you and can’t wait to see you!
Sister Romney

A baptism and lesson on the right way to do God’s work

Hi family!

Woah what a week we had. I think the biggest thing that happened is that Sister Krivanec and I taught 21 lessons to investigators with a member present. As far as we know that is a record. It was exhausting.  We declared this the week of miracles, because if south america can teach so many lessons, so can we, right?? I’ll admit, part of my motivation was that I did want to honors of men, maybe a bit too much. As the week went on, crucial appointments dropped and I began to doubt my faith. Would God honor our goal? We were trying to be obedient, but fell short in some areas and felt we had disqualified ourselves for the miracles necessary for this goal. When Sunday came around, we were still short four lessons, and sister Krivanec was not feeling well. How could we do this?? Well, we did it. We got 21 member presents lessons for investigators. We visited investigators again, and met the goal. But when we got to reporting, neither of us felt that we had accomplished a great task or worked a great wonder for God and his children. As I was thinking about this, I came to the conclusion that God needed to teach me a lesson. It doesn’t matter how many lessons we teach if we don’t have the spirit. I’ll admit, a lot of those lessons were thrown together on the spot because we hadn’t anticipated them, and thus we very average lessons, not so much directed by the spirit. The lessons that were 200% by the spirit were the ones we were carefully studying and planning for. God was willing to let me work my shoes off, but because this goal was mine, not his, it ended up just like you would imagine it would; average and lumpy and very very flawed. I testify we need God in this work, because I learned we ourselves cannot do this work. It simply wont work out so well. This increased my faith to know that we truly need to rely on Heavenly Father to do his work.

But even in the midst of all of these crazy lessons, we did have such amazing things happen. We had such good lessons with N! We were teaching her the plan of salvation. She is a really great honest seeker of truth, so we are extra cautious to let the spirit guide our lessons. As we started teaching, we somehow spent a lot of time talking about the atonement of Jesus Christ and testifying of it. Before we knew it, our time was spent and it was time to get home before curfew. So we just ended the lesson having only taught the first half. In our lesson to teach the second half (Between sessions of conference) Nicole had a lot to think about. As we asked her her feelings after having explained the rest, she just said “this is awesome.” She told us how she had attended multiple previous churches and she always left them, saying her “Gut” told her they weren’t right. But she then said how in our first lesson with her when we taught the restoration, her “gut feeling” was that this was right, and now after the plan of salvation, she knows it is true. Because we listened to her and gave her sufficient room to talk, not interrupting and letting the spirit teach in our silence, she was able to form and express these thoughts. She is on date to be baptized May 16 (Happy Birthday Summer, someone is getting baptized haha).

Another miracle was with V. He had told us last week he really wanted to know what the “Restrictions” are of being baptized, to make sure he could keep them. So we taught him what we call the “commandments.” Haha same things, right? Not really, but anyway. We taught him first about the word of wisdom, because this is often the most difficult for people to keep and we know he likes his tea. As we taught we agreed with everything, even tea! He said that the doctors had been telling him for ages to give it up, and now he felt he had a reason to do so. In our second lesson we taught him the ten commandments and focused a lot on sabbath day. I think that may be the one he will struggle with the most because he has a lot of commitment to people. And if someone calls him on sunday asking him to take them to the hospital, he doesn’t want to say no. So we focused a lot on the principle of faith. If he has faith and puts God first on sunday, he will be better able to help people and they will be more blessed also. In turn, he came to Sunday morning session of general conference, so maybe he got the idea?

Tuesday we had a zone meeting and we were challenged to do what is called the “40-day fast,” but this is not fasting from food and water. In a spirit of fasting and prayer, we each made a list of things that are keeping us from being a fully purified disciple of Christ. In the example story, the missionary wrote down Golf and thinking about it. After we created our lists, we were to promise God we would abstain from these things for 40 days, until we no longer desired to do this evil. As such we will become more pure vessels to work in God’s vineyard. Well I’m excited to do this, even though I wont be a missionary to finish it. I still know that this will help me keep bad habits away when i get home. WOOHOO!!

A got baptized!!  Awas so nervous to be baptized, just for the fact that she is afraid of water. Neither Sister Kricanec or I knew this, so when we went into the font, she had some trouble trusting the priesthood holder to support her. The first time she went under, she didn’t make it all the way, and came up choking and spitting, hoping it was over, when it wasn’t, she sighed in despair, but was determined to get this done the right way. We had several relief society sisters in attendance, including the sister who referred her to us, and the branch and district RS presidents. They were able to calm her down in the font and give her calming words to help her trust more, in a way sister Krivanec and I wouldn’t have been able to do. Because we had used them in lesson and friendshipped them together, they proved a great help to make this potentially difficult moment more bearable. It was such a good day. She also got the Holy Ghost on Sunday before General Conference. It was such a wonderful service.
Oh my goodness, General Conference was my favorite thing ever. Sooooo much to think about, and soooo much about famillies and marraige. Haha i’m excited to read the talks again.
Well thats it for me, Family! I love you and can’t wait to talk to you next week (Big winky face)
Sister Romney
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Happy Easter

Happy Easter Family!!

It sounds like you all had a super fun easter with the family in both countries! I hope you are all ready to repeat the party in about two weeks 😉
This Easter week was so good, but felt very slow. We did a lot of different things this week including moving apartments, teaching 14 Member Present lessons AGAIN, and some other stuff that was good too 😀 Haha we saw so many great things this week with investigators and less actives. It was a great week to be a missionary in Ipoh.
SO! Miracle number one is named V. So if you remember last week, we met an awesome guy named V on Miracle Monday at the makan kedai, right? He was like, so prepared and is still awesome. We taught him twice this week , but the best lesson was on tuesday when we taught him the plan of salvation. He is a very spiritual person, and the spirit in that lesson could have been cut with a butter knife. We just explained about where we go and the blessings of the Celestial Kingdom. Then we talked about how if he wanted these blessings, he would have to follow Jesus Christ. He stopped us and said, “I get it. Its like there is a highway to heaven and to get on the highway you have to pay the toll.” Yes V. That is exactly right. He wasn’t freaked out or put off. He just listened and then committed to pray about it. When we saw him again and taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ, he said he knows there are no coincidences and thinks maybe God is showing him the next path he needs to take because what he is doing now doesn’t satisfy his spirit. Thanks be to Heavenly Father for leading Him to us.
Miracle number two is named N! I don’t think I told you all about her last week, but she is a super great chinese lady who lives a hop skip and a jump away from the church. She was contacted by missionaries multiple times before we met with her. She is VERY intelligent and is an English Tutor, so her english is better than mine! Haha I use big words and she UNDERSTANDS!! OH this is wonderful, not having a language barrier. Anyways, she is not married but has 12 dogs that bark at us when we pass haha. She is way down to listen to us and she has now come to church twice. She has been searching for a church since she has been back in Ipoh. When we taught her the restoration and asked her to pray about it, she just “WOW this church sure is different.” When we asked what she meant, she just said that all the other churches she had been in were like the blind leading the blind, or rather a shephard leading blind sheep in the dark. So when we said she could know if this was true for herself and that we wanted her to find out, she was just baffled. Haha it was one of the Preach My Gospel moments, where we realize that what PMG says is TRUE!! Haha
We had a great lesson that was 200% by the spirit with one less active named S. We have been reteaching him the lessons because he has been less active for 10 or more years. As we were planning, I half jokingly burst out that we should teach him the law of chastity, because that lesson is always funny to teach. Anyway we did it and I’m so glad we did because he has been having some problems with it and we were able to help him desire to change. So now he has a notebook and everyday he writes down all of his sins. At the end of the day he repents of them. Then he makes sure he doesn’t do them again the next day. He is so good!! The funny thing though is that shortly after we started teaching, we were smashed with a MASSIVE rainstorm. We were on the porch, so while we didn’t get wet, it was loud. We were litterally yelling in the lesson. I imagine it would look pretty funny. “STEPHAN, THE LAW OF CHASTITY IS ABOUT KEEPING OUR THOUGHTS CLEAN! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU?” Haha just keeping it classy over here in Malaysia.
So since it was easter, we were listening to the CD soundtrack to the church’s production of “Saviour of the World,” specifically, the second part about the resurrection. There are some lyrics that really touched me this Easter Season:
“Come, Lord Jesus great Redeemer;
Light of morning from the east.
We will be thy children ever
Dry our tears, all weeping cease.
Come in glory to the earth
Come to us to rule and reign
Ready us to kneel and greet thee
Come Lord Jesus come.”
I have so much sympathy for those disciples and can feel their love for the saviour, because I think it would feel the same as mine. On my misison I have learned who the saviour is for me. I can’t really describe it, but one thing is certain, I am sooooo anxious and excited for the second coming. I just want him to come soon because I miss him and want to just give him a hug.
“Come Lord Jesus come!!”
I love you family! This week Anjalen is getting baptized, and we will get to listen to general conference and we are going to try and set a new mission record for lessons taught to investigators with a member present. I’ll tell you what I learn next week 😀
Sister Romney

Miracles in Ipoh

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Hi hi hi family!! 

Are you all messing with time over there?? This week flew by AGAIN! I feel like we were just talking a few minutes ago. Whatever, I’m not complaining! Haha
Did I ever tell you that Ipoh is a miracle town? Like, I feel like God should spread out the miracles for the rest of the world instead of giving them all to us. Its not really fair for the missionaries in other missions, ya know? I mean I’m not complaining, but I pity everyone else! Haha ok jokes only, but we are being so blessed right now with miracles coming out the wahzoo! They are just popping up…like daisies!! Ipoh is an amazing place and I think we as missionaries receive all these miracles  because of the prayers of faith of us and our members and of course, all yours at home. This is a great place to be a missionary. I haven’t been fed this many meals a week in a very, very long time. The members come with us to everything. We literally do not teach with out them. And usually they drive us to appointments too, so we don’t ever ride our bikes that much. Its convenient for sure and is great to have the members so involved with us. It gives them an attachment to these people so they want to help. The Ipoh branch members are great at being member missionaries. A lot of them served missions back in the day too. So we’ll just be talking and then they’ll say “Are you trunky sister??” Then I’m like “Nope!” Haha gotta love RMs, right?
Ok, so how about some of those miracles for starters! Lets start with Miracle Monday update from last week. So after we finished emailing, we went to eat our regular Roti cheese at a malay food stall next to the internet kedai. As we were finishing, the Indian man a few seats away from us asked me where I was from. We struck up a conversation and he talked to us about how he is open minded and believes in doing good to others and stuff like that. I gave him our card and Sister Kricanec casually said “maybe we could meet up this week and talk more about what you believe?” He was very willing and his name is V. So we called him up and set the appointment for Wednesday. He was 40 minutes early, but we had an excellent lesson about the Book of Mormon. This guy is so cool. he is retired from working and only serves others to fill his days. He has a free tuition center that he teaches under privileged kids at every night and he will just help anyone with anything they need during the day. Like, he will catch snakes in people’s houses, or take aunties to the hospital or fix someone’s lightbulb, like that. He has a very strong belief in God, even if that isn’t how he describes it. In our lesson about the book of mormon, he was so willing to read it because he hasn’t had too much exposure to christianity. Well fast forward to saturday when we had our second lesson with him. We taught him the full restoration lesson, from “God is our loving heavenly father” to “Pray to know.” It was such a good lesson filled with the spirit testifying and other great stuff. It feels so good to be testifying of Joseph Smith and just have the spirit tingling all over and you know that the investigator feels that.  Honestly, you could have cut that spirit with a knife, it was so thick in there. When we taught V about God appearing to Joseph Smith, he almost cried. Then when we talked about modern prophets and General Conference in a couple weeks, he burst out “I must come to that to hear what they have to say!” Oh it was so good.
Another Highlight of the week was S! So remember S, handicapped kid. Well he wanted to come to church so bad, so we managed to get him to the baptism the elders had as well as church. At first, the whole branch didn’t really know how to treat him, because he LOOKS handicapped, so do you talk to him in what language and does he know how to answer and will he understand and like that. Well he can speak three languages just like everyone else, he has good speaking skills and can answer questions, so it was no sweat, he is just shy. Haha but the Young Men just took him in. We have four young men, and they just loved him. They wrote notes for him so he could understand the lesson, they pushed him around between classes and became his best friend. They are such good boys.
We received and contacted nine referrals this week, so we are excited for the coming week’s follow up efforts. Things are just spiffy here! I’m jealous you all get to watch General Conference this week, because we have to wait one extra, so just make note of your favorite talks and tell me, ok? Haha I love you all!
Sister Romney

What a busy week!

Hey family! I’m so happy to talk to you all! 

This week went soooo fast. Yesterday was March 22nd, which means in one month I will be back with all of you. I promise I only thought about it for a minute or two, so don’t worry about me being trunky, cause I’m very much in Ipoh. I love this place.
This week was so fast for a lot of reasons, one being that we were SO BUSY!! We taught 14 member present lessons to investigators to start with, and 6 lessons to recent converts and less actives. That is in addition to three new investigators and three referrals. Oh this week was great. Anyways…
Last monday was a miracle day. We have now dubbed Mondays as Miracle Mondays, because we get more done in three hours than a whole day sometimes. haha. So last monday was a miracle because we were looking for our investigator, S. He works at a hotel, so we showed up to try and see him, but he wasn’t working. We started talking to the guys at the desk and it turns out one of them know a previous sister serving in Ipoh and had questions about stuff, so we were able to have a short lesson with him about why Jesus Christ is important. The other guy was a funny chinese uncle, who wasn’t super interested, but listened nonetheless. Anyway, this guy, M, wanted to come to church, but maybe wont be able to come until next week. But he is super keen. As we were walking out to our member, Kirsten’s, car, S rides up on his moto and starts talking to us. He never answers his phone so is CRAZY hard to get in contact with. So  we were able to talk with him. His life is hard right now, and people here think that means they need to take time away from god before they can come back. Oh its the other way around. We just shared a message of peace and he instantly went from “No I can’t meet” to “Ok lets meet on wednesday.” He didn’t come on wednesday, but we just ran into him and will meet him tonight.
We have a new investigator named S. He is 13 and physically handicapped from the womb and living in the home of one of our less active members and A, the on date investigator. He walks with a walker, but is very intelligent. He hasn’t had much school much past the age of 9, so I think us teaching him the gospel will help his brain. We read the book of mormon with him and teach him new words and give him new ideas to think about since he is Hindu. But he doesn’t have parents so He really likes us visiting him. He told me that I had to come to his birthday party in August, and I told him I would be back in America then. He said “nevermind, just come.” I asked him how far away he thought america was, and he said, “15 minutes?” Haha I wish buddy.
We met with an recent convert named. We weren’t really sure what to share. She is kind of struggling, so we shared the MormonMessage, the hope of god’s light. Go watch it now if you haven’t yet. it is so good. We used a members iPad for it, so no we don’t have our own iPads. Haha Anyway, we had just said amen to close the lesson when she asked if the church had a dress code. We were like, uhhhh, what? We explained how we wear the best that we have for God. She told us how she was so embarrassed on sunday by a member who told her that her jeans were not good enough for church and how she needed to wear a dress or skirt. It was right in front of the class and so she was way hurt by it. She knew it was just people being people, so her testimony wasn’t shaken, but her desire to come to church lessened. We had a good discussion about it and decided she wanted to switch classes. I think this is a lesson that can be learned for everyone. Just love people, however they are. If all they have is jeans, let them worship God in jeans until they can get the rest of their life together. That doesn’t mean everyone should wear Jeans to church. We wear the best we have, and for some people, that is it. just love them.
Ok, the last story is from friday. We were riding to an appointment when suddenly Sister K’s bike went funny. She had just run over a nail and her tire was going flat. We were 10 feet from a bike shop, so it was fine and we just walked to the appointment. But after the appointment, it still wasn’t fixed, so we went and got lunch. Then it still wasn’t finished and we were in a part of town that is all shops and no houses, so we just went and wandered shops. And let me tell you, in the four hours we were delayed, we met so many people who were in various stages of preparedness. I don’t think any of them are ready to be baptized, but I know that we met them for a reason. God truly is directing this work. I love being his missionary and I love this country and this city, even if it is 100 over degrees EVERY day, I love.
I love you family. Don’t you all get trunky for me ok? Just pray for me to be able to focus and for you all to focus and it will be no time until I’m walking off that airplane exhausted and smelly and life will be perfect for a few minutes. 😀
Sister Romney
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Life in Ipoh

Greetings from Ipoh!

It is so good to be back in West Malaysia. I’ve missed this place. Its been a year since I’ve served in West Malaysia and it is a great place. Ipoh in particular is a diamond city. its older and has character for sure, but I think the best thing is that it is miracle land here. I have never recieved more referrals than I did in the last few days. Members just call us and say “I have a friend I want you to talk to, here is their number.” I’m just like, what??? You want us to teach your friends??? Ok! Haha that is how we have our investigators. Also, we have a TON of investigators and most of them are Indian. Can I just gush for a second about how much I have missed indians? I was thrown off by it when I first got here, just seeing beautiful brown people walking down the street, but it is so normal here. The branch is half indian, half chinese, and Ipoh town is that plus a bunch of malays, so its a pretty good mix. I love eating curry and naan and rice again. I LOVE IPOH!
Well anyway, I did only get here on wednesday, so I better tell you about my last few days in kuching. Monday and tuesday were sad saying goodbye to people. Most of the peope I love we couldn’t meet, which I actually was ok with. I hate saying good bye. Having to Hug Sister P, knowing I wont see her for a very long time was enough goodbyes for me, but I did see a few other members really quick. We walked sister anderson over to the airport early in the morning for her last flight as a missionary. I came in with her to the field, but she spend more time inthe MTC learning Malay, soooo she left one transfer before me. that was sad. But I think one of the saddest things though, was tuesday’s district meeting. I was the only missionary leaving our district, so after a really good training on teaching to people’s needs, Elder Sessions (my district leader for the last 9 months…we’re best friends at this point…) led out in a “lets make sister romney blush” fest by having everyone say one memory or strength I have. Oh it was blush city all over the place. however I think my favorite was when one of the elders said i have very good broken english. I take pride in that 😀 haha
Getting to Ipoh was a nighmare. I had to switch airlines in singapore which meant I had to go out of immigration, get my bag, and then check back in at departures. They were giving me grief saying I had to buy a return flight to get to ipoh and wouldn’t give it up. I had no idea how to even work that out, soooo as i was praying in my heart, Elder Bishop, the money guy from the office walked up with Elder wadsworth, someone transfering to Ipoh, and he was able to help sort it out. That was a blessing. Then i got in a tiny little plane and flew to ipoh. We went straight out to appointments. It is a great place to be a missionary.
We have one great investigator named A. She is Indian and 23 and pregnant. Her husband also left her when he found out she was pregnant. She was in a pretty sad life for a while, but now she is renting a room from a church member and she is much happier. However, she is going to give her baby up for adoption since she has no way to take care of it. its a good thing. She wanted to wait until after her baby was born to be baptized, so in June, but she is so prepared and ready for baptism, so we asked her about it. i guess she thought giving her baby away was a sin, so that is why she wanted to wait. Since baptism washes away sin, she thought that one wouldn’t go away. We had a really good lesson assuring her that giving away her baby for the best life it could have wasnt a sin. After that she moved her date to April 11th. She is soo sooo good. She will be a great addition to Ipoh branch.
Here is just one miracle for you all. So it was friday morning. We were supposed to have one appointment at 4pm. we had our member ready to pick us up and take us out and it was going to be great. Then the investigator cancelled, so we just started calling everyone, trying to get an appointment. Like, everyone. Former investigators, potentials, everyone. Finally we got a hold of someone named A. The teaching record was from 2005, so 10 years ago. All it said was that this guy was 20ish and parked cars for a living. So we called him up and he said he was working but that we could come see him. But he said come as early as we could since he needed to leave work. We asked if he could stay longer because we didn’t know how fast we could get there. He said “I can stay as long as i want, I’m the boss.” That was a surprise, but whatever, right? To make a long story short, this guy, in the last 10 years, has gone to jail, got his lawyers degree while there, got out of jail and now has a family and a firm and is a very very successful man that still feels like something is missing in his life. Well A, we have what you are missing. Haha Ipoh is Miracle land!
I have so much more I want to share, but no time. I love you all family! Talk to you next week!
Sister Romney

Last Transfer and Last Transfer

Hey family!

Well we are waiting for transfer news and this morning I made a big list of things to tell you because last week’s email sucked. My apologies. I’ll try to get through as many of these things as I can..
Ok first, transfer news came in, and I’m going to Ipoh, west malaysia for my last transfer!! I am SOO excited out of my brains. I’ve wanted to be back in West Malaysia for a long time, so it is going to be great! My new companion is named Sister Kricanec, she is in sister Bradfield’s group, so she has three transfers left. Oh its going to be great!!
Ok so here’s going into the list:
1. We had zone meeting on tuesday and it was so good. Just what I needed. We talked about following the spirit. After talking about how answers come, we had one companion be blindfolded and the other companion was the Holy Ghost. Well, Sister Fonbuena chose to be blindfolded, and I was the Spirit 😀 We went through a maze of chairs, and she had to ask me questions. I could only answer Yes or no. Well she learned quickly she could ask if she could go left and still hit a chair, so the thing we learned most was asking the question “Is going left the best thing I could do?” Then If I said no, she knew to go right. It was a very powerful example to me of how we can follow the spirit.
2. After Zone meeting, I got a blessing from four Elders in my district. I was just still kind of hurting over the BYU Provo rejection and was trying to come to terms with BYU-I. Well the blessing was amazing. Just one thing that stood out was that I would understand why this happened and have all the answers I needed before I go home. I was counselled to focus on prayer and my relationship with Heavenly Father. Also I was told to be close to my family at this time and take their advice (so if you have any, I’m all eyes). It was such a great thing for me right now,
3. We had a stop of the yearly mission tour on wednesday! I met Elder Funk of the Seventy AGAIN!! I’ve met him at least five times now and he is a very funny man.
4. Good news! Brother P wants to be baptized again! However, he is the hospital again and not doing too well. He is also struggling to remember things. It looks like early stages of Alzheimer’s. We don’t know if he will be able to pass the baptismal interview, but we are trying not to worry about that too much. We will just take it one day at a time. We are tying to teach in very short lessons with lots of pictures to try to help him remember things. He is so sweet, I hope he can manage for a little longer.
5.We had a way cool miracle with our indian-orang ulu family!! We dropped by to see if the kids were home so we could teach them. Well only H was home, but as we chatted with her, both her parents came home as well as her older brother we have never met before. Suddenly the dad was way interested in the Book of Mormon. He is Hindu and hasn’t shown much interest. Hopefully in the coming weeks he will become a real investigator.
6.  We called brother L, the less active, and he received some sad news. We just prayed with him and testified that even though we don’t know how he feels, Jesus does. We’ll go see him before I go. I hope he’ll be ok.
7. I gave a talk in church!! I was allowed to choose the topic, so I spoke on “We follow jesus when we keep commandments and make covenants.” I was fun to talk about. Here is a quote I used:
“for some of us, obedience to God’s commandments doesn’t always feel very joyful. Let’s face it: there may be some that seem harder or less appealing—commandments that we approach with the enthusiasm of a child sitting before a plate of healthy but hated vegetables. We grit our teeth and force ourselves to comply so that we can move on to more desirable activities.
Perhaps during times such as these, we might find ourselves asking, “Do we really need to obey all of God’s commandments?”
My response to this question is simple:
I think God knows something we don’t—things that are beyond our capacity to comprehend! Our Father in Heaven is an eternal being whose experience, wisdom, and intelligence are infinitely greater than ours.4 Not only that, but He is also eternally loving, compassionate, and focused on one blessed goal: to bring to pass our immortality and eternal life.5
In other words, He not only knows what is best for you; He also anxiously wants you to choose what is best for you.
If you believe this in your hearts—if you truly believe the great mission of our Heavenly Father is to exalt and glorify His children and that He knows best how to do it—doesn’t it make sense to embrace and follow His commandments, even the ones that appear difficult? Should we not cherish the light posts He has given that guide us through the darkness and the trials of mortality? They mark the way back to our heavenly home! By choosing Heavenly Father’s path, you lay a divine foundation for your personal progress as a daughter of God that will bless you throughout your life.”
Well family! Thats it for me this week! Next week I’ll be in West Malaysia again! I love you!!
Sister Romney