P4 Montage


  1. Description: This is a montage design using two or more images and type.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing): I found my two images. I added in the background and formatted it to be the size of the 8.5X11 inches background. I added the book next. I masked a few of the pages to make room for the star burst, which I added next. I masked a lot of the image to fit it into the pages of the book. Last, I added the text. All this was done in Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Message: I love books and I love this quote. The message I am trying to convey is that reading and writing is a powerful outlet for our thoughts and feelings.
  4. Audience: I was going for school aged kids as my audience, 6-18 ish.
  5. Top Thing Learned: I loved working with masks. I learned it is a much more effective to use a mask than to destroy pixels.
  6. Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied: No filter was used.
  7. Color scheme and color names: Monochromatic brick
  8. Title Font Name & Category: Bodoni 72 Book, Oldstyle
  9. Copy Font Name & Category: Helvetica Neue Regular, Sans Serif
  10. Thumbnails of Images used:
  11. very_old_paper_texture___free_for_personal_use_by_moonlight4ngel-d2ytt1r Book-7 images
  12. Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):
  13. http://esocsonline.org/esocs/images/
  14. http://pngimg.com/download/2115
  15. http://painted-leaf.deviantart.com/art/Very-Old-Paper-Texture-Free-for-personal-use-179429967

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