P3 Photoshop


  1. Description:
    1. This is a full bleed, original photo design, created in Photoshop.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):
    1. I started by going for a photoshoot for inspiration. My model is Justin Ricks, a BYU-Idaho student. I chose to take these photos in the evening light with good composition and a high quality DSLR camera. I plopped them into photoshop and edited with four adjustments: levels, sharpness, saturation, and selective color. I changed the reds to look more purple and edited out some of the background noise. The color scheme I chose to work with is tetradic: violet, indigo, lime and gold. As I was designing, I focused on keeping negative space while also breeding repetition with the squares. The squares unify the design, but also contrasts because they aren’t aligned with each other.
  3. Message:
    1. Since this is for a company I want to work for, I am showing my grasp of color and style, as well as competence with photoshop.
  4. Audience:
    1. First, the company I want to work for, but second, the young, beautiful people who want to be a model.
  5. Top Thing Learned:
    1. Working in photoshop can be difficult, but I learned the value of the layers.
  6. Color scheme and color names:
    1. Tetradic: violet, indigo, lime and gold
  7. Title Font Name & Category:
    1. Champagne and Limousines/ Sans Serif
  8. Copy Font Name & Category:
    1. Champagne and Limousines/ Sans Serif
  9. Thumbnail of original, unedited image inserted
    1. IMG_4932
  10. Date and location you took the photo(s)
    1. 13 Oct, Aspen Village

2 thoughts on “P3 Photoshop

  1. Haley, I love what you did with this. I especially love this because I was able to see the transformation this project has gone through. Again, I love what you did to edit his shirt to match the color scheme that you wanted. I also noticed that you were able to eliminate the blue bag from the background and to me that means you did a good job at simplifying your project. I love the repetition happening with the color swatches you used, yet there is still a contrast because you have them coming in from different sides of the picture. Overall, I think you did a wonderful job on this.

    Here is a link to a blog I think you will enjoy: https://comm130carroll.wordpress.com

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