P3 Photography Activity


Light: Outside

I took this picture at about 7 pm, when the light was low in the sky. It made the sky nice and blue. I liked the temple being a little bit in a shadow for contrast

Once I had it in Photoshop, I lightened the image a bit with the levels tool. I added a little vibrance and lightened the blue a bit. Lastly, I sharpened the windows and Moroni.


Light: Indoor

My model is my lovely roommate, Lindsay. I set up the photo so that the window was behind me, shining best on Lindsay. She would like me to point out that she is NOT right handed, but became such for the integrity of the shot.

In Photoshop, I messed with the levels a lot, opting to leave them mostly untouched because the lighting was so good. I did add more yellow with the color selection tool, to highlight her hair and the wall behind. Lastly, I sharpened her eyes and the pen and her hand.


Focus: Foreground

I was lucky enough to find my friend, Justin, wandering around in the perfect light. I composed this so he was in the foreground in focus. I stood farther away and zoomed in so the background would be more out of focus.

In Photoshop, I made the image a little darker with the levels, but upped the vibrance. I tried to make the green of his eyes stand out with the color selection tool, but it really just changed the grass behind him. So I sharpened his eyes and lips and hair to make his face stand out.


With this image, I had Justin hold perfectly still. I moved my camera to focus on the rocks and then put it right back onto Justin, making him out of focus. I was happy with how similar these two images were!

In Photoshop, I didn’t change a whole lot. I did up the vibrance to make it match the precious image. I didn’t sharpen anything, because that would defeat the purpose of blurring of Justin.


Composition: Rule of Thirds

This shot was lucky. Justin was just playing with the puppy, Blue, and I was able to shoot this stellar shot. I took a few, but I chose this one because I liked the movement of Blue walking. I cropped it a bit so that Justin was a little more on the line of “thirds.”

In Photoshop, I cropped it. I tried in a bunch of ways, but I liked this one best. I lightened the shot a bit and upped the vibrance. I also made the reds redder, so show off Justin’s shirt and the red in Blue’s coat.


Can I just say Blue is the cutest puppy to photograph? He does so many cute things. I love this shot (among so many others) because he looks so curious. He was sitting with another friend of mine, Tiffany, who is camera shy. So instead of photographing her, I got him instead.

In Photoshop, the biggest thing I did was use the red color selection tool. It made Blue’s coat more red than yellow, especially in his ear. I also sharpened his nose and eyes, as well as darkening the shot a bit.


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