General Conference in Malaysia

In the last seven days, the LDS community has sustained three new apostles and heard of the changed presiding bishopric and presidency of the 70. While the buzz of excitement has died down in our local communities, some countries are just hearing about it.

It is no secret that many countries have to wait a week to watch General Conference. Sometimes its because they need to wait for a translation, but a lot of times its just because the time zones are so drastically different. For example, saints in New Zealand are 19 hours ahead of Utah time. When we gather at 10 am mountain standard time on Sunday, they are having Family Home Evening.

For the Saints in Malaysia, it can take an hour or more for some people to get to the church building. While Americans might take a nap or run home for an hour or more between sessions, many Malaysians will just stay at the church for six or more hours, just to hear the words of the prophets. And since American-english and Malaysian-english are so vastly different, many saints don’t understand the entire message of the sermons.

And yet they stay.

They understand the commandment to listen to a prophet’s voice and the sacrifice that may bring. It doesn’t matter how poor they are, the saints band together and have a delicious meal on General Conference weekend. They seldom fall asleep in a discourse from a general authority, afraid they will miss something. For the Malaysian saints, General Conference is sacred, and they treat it as such.


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