Design Project 1: Flier


  1. Description:
    1. This is a simple black and white flier advertising a Leadership Conference for recent college graduates.
  2. Process:
    1. I created this in Adobe InDesign. I tried to focus on alignment as well as gestalt to create a triangular look. I used triangles to make it different and fun to look at. The points of the triangles lead you into the next section, and create good flow.
  3. Message:
    1. The message is that if you come to this leadership conference, you will learn the skills needed to succeed.
  4. Audience:
    1. 22-30-year-old recent college graduates
  5. Top Thing Learned:
    1. i learned the importance of shape.
  6. Title Font Name & Category:
    1. Helvetica Neue, Sans Serif
  7. Copy Font Name & Category:
    1. Minion Pro, Oldstyle
  8. Links to images used in this project:
    1. VouantLogo2.png
    2. JuliePeterson-Leadership-conference-business-rexburg-Idaho_7515-as-Smart-Object-1.jpg

3 thoughts on “Design Project 1: Flier

  1. Hey Haley,

    It looks good! Its nice to see that you applied some of the principles we talked about. I like that you balance out the amount of things, like the words on the left and the gray in the background too. The borders between the segments are clearly defined with the color contrast there. Good job on it!

  2. Haley,

    You used value nicely to create contrast and draw your eye to the information. Also, I can’t believe with the shape your text was in, that there were no hyphens! Great job on that Haley. The use of white space around the title is nice as well, because it draws attention up to it. I also like that you chose a happy image!

    (Sorry there was a spelling mistake in the other one! And I don’t think my sentences were enough.)

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