Haley’s last letter from her mission


Hi family!

So I feel like writing a big email at this point is dumb because I’m going to see you all in a few days and can tell you in person, buuuuut I have to send something back.
This week was such a good week for the work. I did what you all said and just put my head down and went to work. I didn’t start packing until saturday. Sunday was just a big group saying “What?? You are going home??” I just replied “YES! I told you all this six weeks ago!” Aiyo, silly people. I had to give a surprise talk in sacrament meeting about my mission. I just shared the love I have for the people here and it was just really sad. I am so going to miss these people. But its ok, because everyone has facebook, so we’ll keep in touch. Everyone was making marriage jokes and talking about how fast it’ll be once i get to BYU- I do ah. Aiyo, again. There were also jokes made about me marrying a Malaysian, and I shut those down very fast.
This was the week we ate EVERY THING!! So many members took us out for authentic food. OH my heck, I will miss Ipoh’s food. It is the best in Malaysia. I probably put on a few pounds just from eating. It was so good on the wallet though. that is how people show their love here, they buy you stuff and they feed you. it works out pretty well for us.
Anyway, I have nothing left to say. Sorry, ah? But I love you and can’t wait to see you!
Sister Romney

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