A baptism and lesson on the right way to do God’s work

Hi family!

Woah what a week we had. I think the biggest thing that happened is that Sister Krivanec and I taught 21 lessons to investigators with a member present. As far as we know that is a record. It was exhausting.  We declared this the week of miracles, because if south america can teach so many lessons, so can we, right?? I’ll admit, part of my motivation was that I did want to honors of men, maybe a bit too much. As the week went on, crucial appointments dropped and I began to doubt my faith. Would God honor our goal? We were trying to be obedient, but fell short in some areas and felt we had disqualified ourselves for the miracles necessary for this goal. When Sunday came around, we were still short four lessons, and sister Krivanec was not feeling well. How could we do this?? Well, we did it. We got 21 member presents lessons for investigators. We visited investigators again, and met the goal. But when we got to reporting, neither of us felt that we had accomplished a great task or worked a great wonder for God and his children. As I was thinking about this, I came to the conclusion that God needed to teach me a lesson. It doesn’t matter how many lessons we teach if we don’t have the spirit. I’ll admit, a lot of those lessons were thrown together on the spot because we hadn’t anticipated them, and thus we very average lessons, not so much directed by the spirit. The lessons that were 200% by the spirit were the ones we were carefully studying and planning for. God was willing to let me work my shoes off, but because this goal was mine, not his, it ended up just like you would imagine it would; average and lumpy and very very flawed. I testify we need God in this work, because I learned we ourselves cannot do this work. It simply wont work out so well. This increased my faith to know that we truly need to rely on Heavenly Father to do his work.

But even in the midst of all of these crazy lessons, we did have such amazing things happen. We had such good lessons with N! We were teaching her the plan of salvation. She is a really great honest seeker of truth, so we are extra cautious to let the spirit guide our lessons. As we started teaching, we somehow spent a lot of time talking about the atonement of Jesus Christ and testifying of it. Before we knew it, our time was spent and it was time to get home before curfew. So we just ended the lesson having only taught the first half. In our lesson to teach the second half (Between sessions of conference) Nicole had a lot to think about. As we asked her her feelings after having explained the rest, she just said “this is awesome.” She told us how she had attended multiple previous churches and she always left them, saying her “Gut” told her they weren’t right. But she then said how in our first lesson with her when we taught the restoration, her “gut feeling” was that this was right, and now after the plan of salvation, she knows it is true. Because we listened to her and gave her sufficient room to talk, not interrupting and letting the spirit teach in our silence, she was able to form and express these thoughts. She is on date to be baptized May 16 (Happy Birthday Summer, someone is getting baptized haha).

Another miracle was with V. He had told us last week he really wanted to know what the “Restrictions” are of being baptized, to make sure he could keep them. So we taught him what we call the “commandments.” Haha same things, right? Not really, but anyway. We taught him first about the word of wisdom, because this is often the most difficult for people to keep and we know he likes his tea. As we taught we agreed with everything, even tea! He said that the doctors had been telling him for ages to give it up, and now he felt he had a reason to do so. In our second lesson we taught him the ten commandments and focused a lot on sabbath day. I think that may be the one he will struggle with the most because he has a lot of commitment to people. And if someone calls him on sunday asking him to take them to the hospital, he doesn’t want to say no. So we focused a lot on the principle of faith. If he has faith and puts God first on sunday, he will be better able to help people and they will be more blessed also. In turn, he came to Sunday morning session of general conference, so maybe he got the idea?

Tuesday we had a zone meeting and we were challenged to do what is called the “40-day fast,” but this is not fasting from food and water. In a spirit of fasting and prayer, we each made a list of things that are keeping us from being a fully purified disciple of Christ. In the example story, the missionary wrote down Golf and thinking about it. After we created our lists, we were to promise God we would abstain from these things for 40 days, until we no longer desired to do this evil. As such we will become more pure vessels to work in God’s vineyard. Well I’m excited to do this, even though I wont be a missionary to finish it. I still know that this will help me keep bad habits away when i get home. WOOHOO!!

A got baptized!!  Awas so nervous to be baptized, just for the fact that she is afraid of water. Neither Sister Kricanec or I knew this, so when we went into the font, she had some trouble trusting the priesthood holder to support her. The first time she went under, she didn’t make it all the way, and came up choking and spitting, hoping it was over, when it wasn’t, she sighed in despair, but was determined to get this done the right way. We had several relief society sisters in attendance, including the sister who referred her to us, and the branch and district RS presidents. They were able to calm her down in the font and give her calming words to help her trust more, in a way sister Krivanec and I wouldn’t have been able to do. Because we had used them in lesson and friendshipped them together, they proved a great help to make this potentially difficult moment more bearable. It was such a good day. She also got the Holy Ghost on Sunday before General Conference. It was such a wonderful service.
Oh my goodness, General Conference was my favorite thing ever. Sooooo much to think about, and soooo much about famillies and marraige. Haha i’m excited to read the talks again.
Well thats it for me, Family! I love you and can’t wait to talk to you next week (Big winky face)
Sister Romney
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