Happy Easter

Happy Easter Family!!

It sounds like you all had a super fun easter with the family in both countries! I hope you are all ready to repeat the party in about two weeks 😉
This Easter week was so good, but felt very slow. We did a lot of different things this week including moving apartments, teaching 14 Member Present lessons AGAIN, and some other stuff that was good too 😀 Haha we saw so many great things this week with investigators and less actives. It was a great week to be a missionary in Ipoh.
SO! Miracle number one is named V. So if you remember last week, we met an awesome guy named V on Miracle Monday at the makan kedai, right? He was like, so prepared and is still awesome. We taught him twice this week , but the best lesson was on tuesday when we taught him the plan of salvation. He is a very spiritual person, and the spirit in that lesson could have been cut with a butter knife. We just explained about where we go and the blessings of the Celestial Kingdom. Then we talked about how if he wanted these blessings, he would have to follow Jesus Christ. He stopped us and said, “I get it. Its like there is a highway to heaven and to get on the highway you have to pay the toll.” Yes V. That is exactly right. He wasn’t freaked out or put off. He just listened and then committed to pray about it. When we saw him again and taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ, he said he knows there are no coincidences and thinks maybe God is showing him the next path he needs to take because what he is doing now doesn’t satisfy his spirit. Thanks be to Heavenly Father for leading Him to us.
Miracle number two is named N! I don’t think I told you all about her last week, but she is a super great chinese lady who lives a hop skip and a jump away from the church. She was contacted by missionaries multiple times before we met with her. She is VERY intelligent and is an English Tutor, so her english is better than mine! Haha I use big words and she UNDERSTANDS!! OH this is wonderful, not having a language barrier. Anyways, she is not married but has 12 dogs that bark at us when we pass haha. She is way down to listen to us and she has now come to church twice. She has been searching for a church since she has been back in Ipoh. When we taught her the restoration and asked her to pray about it, she just “WOW this church sure is different.” When we asked what she meant, she just said that all the other churches she had been in were like the blind leading the blind, or rather a shephard leading blind sheep in the dark. So when we said she could know if this was true for herself and that we wanted her to find out, she was just baffled. Haha it was one of the Preach My Gospel moments, where we realize that what PMG says is TRUE!! Haha
We had a great lesson that was 200% by the spirit with one less active named S. We have been reteaching him the lessons because he has been less active for 10 or more years. As we were planning, I half jokingly burst out that we should teach him the law of chastity, because that lesson is always funny to teach. Anyway we did it and I’m so glad we did because he has been having some problems with it and we were able to help him desire to change. So now he has a notebook and everyday he writes down all of his sins. At the end of the day he repents of them. Then he makes sure he doesn’t do them again the next day. He is so good!! The funny thing though is that shortly after we started teaching, we were smashed with a MASSIVE rainstorm. We were on the porch, so while we didn’t get wet, it was loud. We were litterally yelling in the lesson. I imagine it would look pretty funny. “STEPHAN, THE LAW OF CHASTITY IS ABOUT KEEPING OUR THOUGHTS CLEAN! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU?” Haha just keeping it classy over here in Malaysia.
So since it was easter, we were listening to the CD soundtrack to the church’s production of “Saviour of the World,” specifically, the second part about the resurrection. There are some lyrics that really touched me this Easter Season:
“Come, Lord Jesus great Redeemer;
Light of morning from the east.
We will be thy children ever
Dry our tears, all weeping cease.
Come in glory to the earth
Come to us to rule and reign
Ready us to kneel and greet thee
Come Lord Jesus come.”
I have so much sympathy for those disciples and can feel their love for the saviour, because I think it would feel the same as mine. On my misison I have learned who the saviour is for me. I can’t really describe it, but one thing is certain, I am sooooo anxious and excited for the second coming. I just want him to come soon because I miss him and want to just give him a hug.
“Come Lord Jesus come!!”
I love you family! This week Anjalen is getting baptized, and we will get to listen to general conference and we are going to try and set a new mission record for lessons taught to investigators with a member present. I’ll tell you what I learn next week 😀
Sister Romney

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