Miracles in Ipoh

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Hi hi hi family!! 

Are you all messing with time over there?? This week flew by AGAIN! I feel like we were just talking a few minutes ago. Whatever, I’m not complaining! Haha
Did I ever tell you that Ipoh is a miracle town? Like, I feel like God should spread out the miracles for the rest of the world instead of giving them all to us. Its not really fair for the missionaries in other missions, ya know? I mean I’m not complaining, but I pity everyone else! Haha ok jokes only, but we are being so blessed right now with miracles coming out the wahzoo! They are just popping up…like daisies!! Ipoh is an amazing place and I think we as missionaries receive all these miracles  because of the prayers of faith of us and our members and of course, all yours at home. This is a great place to be a missionary. I haven’t been fed this many meals a week in a very, very long time. The members come with us to everything. We literally do not teach with out them. And usually they drive us to appointments too, so we don’t ever ride our bikes that much. Its convenient for sure and is great to have the members so involved with us. It gives them an attachment to these people so they want to help. The Ipoh branch members are great at being member missionaries. A lot of them served missions back in the day too. So we’ll just be talking and then they’ll say “Are you trunky sister??” Then I’m like “Nope!” Haha gotta love RMs, right?
Ok, so how about some of those miracles for starters! Lets start with Miracle Monday update from last week. So after we finished emailing, we went to eat our regular Roti cheese at a malay food stall next to the internet kedai. As we were finishing, the Indian man a few seats away from us asked me where I was from. We struck up a conversation and he talked to us about how he is open minded and believes in doing good to others and stuff like that. I gave him our card and Sister Kricanec casually said “maybe we could meet up this week and talk more about what you believe?” He was very willing and his name is V. So we called him up and set the appointment for Wednesday. He was 40 minutes early, but we had an excellent lesson about the Book of Mormon. This guy is so cool. he is retired from working and only serves others to fill his days. He has a free tuition center that he teaches under privileged kids at every night and he will just help anyone with anything they need during the day. Like, he will catch snakes in people’s houses, or take aunties to the hospital or fix someone’s lightbulb, like that. He has a very strong belief in God, even if that isn’t how he describes it. In our lesson about the book of mormon, he was so willing to read it because he hasn’t had too much exposure to christianity. Well fast forward to saturday when we had our second lesson with him. We taught him the full restoration lesson, from “God is our loving heavenly father” to “Pray to know.” It was such a good lesson filled with the spirit testifying and other great stuff. It feels so good to be testifying of Joseph Smith and just have the spirit tingling all over and you know that the investigator feels that.  Honestly, you could have cut that spirit with a knife, it was so thick in there. When we taught V about God appearing to Joseph Smith, he almost cried. Then when we talked about modern prophets and General Conference in a couple weeks, he burst out “I must come to that to hear what they have to say!” Oh it was so good.
Another Highlight of the week was S! So remember S, handicapped kid. Well he wanted to come to church so bad, so we managed to get him to the baptism the elders had as well as church. At first, the whole branch didn’t really know how to treat him, because he LOOKS handicapped, so do you talk to him in what language and does he know how to answer and will he understand and like that. Well he can speak three languages just like everyone else, he has good speaking skills and can answer questions, so it was no sweat, he is just shy. Haha but the Young Men just took him in. We have four young men, and they just loved him. They wrote notes for him so he could understand the lesson, they pushed him around between classes and became his best friend. They are such good boys.
We received and contacted nine referrals this week, so we are excited for the coming week’s follow up efforts. Things are just spiffy here! I’m jealous you all get to watch General Conference this week, because we have to wait one extra, so just make note of your favorite talks and tell me, ok? Haha I love you all!
Sister Romney

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