What a busy week!

Hey family! I’m so happy to talk to you all! 

This week went soooo fast. Yesterday was March 22nd, which means in one month I will be back with all of you. I promise I only thought about it for a minute or two, so don’t worry about me being trunky, cause I’m very much in Ipoh. I love this place.
This week was so fast for a lot of reasons, one being that we were SO BUSY!! We taught 14 member present lessons to investigators to start with, and 6 lessons to recent converts and less actives. That is in addition to three new investigators and three referrals. Oh this week was great. Anyways…
Last monday was a miracle day. We have now dubbed Mondays as Miracle Mondays, because we get more done in three hours than a whole day sometimes. haha. So last monday was a miracle because we were looking for our investigator, S. He works at a hotel, so we showed up to try and see him, but he wasn’t working. We started talking to the guys at the desk and it turns out one of them know a previous sister serving in Ipoh and had questions about stuff, so we were able to have a short lesson with him about why Jesus Christ is important. The other guy was a funny chinese uncle, who wasn’t super interested, but listened nonetheless. Anyway, this guy, M, wanted to come to church, but maybe wont be able to come until next week. But he is super keen. As we were walking out to our member, Kirsten’s, car, S rides up on his moto and starts talking to us. He never answers his phone so is CRAZY hard to get in contact with. So  we were able to talk with him. His life is hard right now, and people here think that means they need to take time away from god before they can come back. Oh its the other way around. We just shared a message of peace and he instantly went from “No I can’t meet” to “Ok lets meet on wednesday.” He didn’t come on wednesday, but we just ran into him and will meet him tonight.
We have a new investigator named S. He is 13 and physically handicapped from the womb and living in the home of one of our less active members and A, the on date investigator. He walks with a walker, but is very intelligent. He hasn’t had much school much past the age of 9, so I think us teaching him the gospel will help his brain. We read the book of mormon with him and teach him new words and give him new ideas to think about since he is Hindu. But he doesn’t have parents so He really likes us visiting him. He told me that I had to come to his birthday party in August, and I told him I would be back in America then. He said “nevermind, just come.” I asked him how far away he thought america was, and he said, “15 minutes?” Haha I wish buddy.
We met with an recent convert named. We weren’t really sure what to share. She is kind of struggling, so we shared the MormonMessage, the hope of god’s light. Go watch it now if you haven’t yet. it is so good. We used a members iPad for it, so no we don’t have our own iPads. Haha Anyway, we had just said amen to close the lesson when she asked if the church had a dress code. We were like, uhhhh, what? We explained how we wear the best that we have for God. She told us how she was so embarrassed on sunday by a member who told her that her jeans were not good enough for church and how she needed to wear a dress or skirt. It was right in front of the class and so she was way hurt by it. She knew it was just people being people, so her testimony wasn’t shaken, but her desire to come to church lessened. We had a good discussion about it and decided she wanted to switch classes. I think this is a lesson that can be learned for everyone. Just love people, however they are. If all they have is jeans, let them worship God in jeans until they can get the rest of their life together. That doesn’t mean everyone should wear Jeans to church. We wear the best we have, and for some people, that is it. just love them.
Ok, the last story is from friday. We were riding to an appointment when suddenly Sister K’s bike went funny. She had just run over a nail and her tire was going flat. We were 10 feet from a bike shop, so it was fine and we just walked to the appointment. But after the appointment, it still wasn’t fixed, so we went and got lunch. Then it still wasn’t finished and we were in a part of town that is all shops and no houses, so we just went and wandered shops. And let me tell you, in the four hours we were delayed, we met so many people who were in various stages of preparedness. I don’t think any of them are ready to be baptized, but I know that we met them for a reason. God truly is directing this work. I love being his missionary and I love this country and this city, even if it is 100 over degrees EVERY day, I love.
I love you family. Don’t you all get trunky for me ok? Just pray for me to be able to focus and for you all to focus and it will be no time until I’m walking off that airplane exhausted and smelly and life will be perfect for a few minutes. 😀
Sister Romney
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