Life in Ipoh

Greetings from Ipoh!

It is so good to be back in West Malaysia. I’ve missed this place. Its been a year since I’ve served in West Malaysia and it is a great place. Ipoh in particular is a diamond city. its older and has character for sure, but I think the best thing is that it is miracle land here. I have never recieved more referrals than I did in the last few days. Members just call us and say “I have a friend I want you to talk to, here is their number.” I’m just like, what??? You want us to teach your friends??? Ok! Haha that is how we have our investigators. Also, we have a TON of investigators and most of them are Indian. Can I just gush for a second about how much I have missed indians? I was thrown off by it when I first got here, just seeing beautiful brown people walking down the street, but it is so normal here. The branch is half indian, half chinese, and Ipoh town is that plus a bunch of malays, so its a pretty good mix. I love eating curry and naan and rice again. I LOVE IPOH!
Well anyway, I did only get here on wednesday, so I better tell you about my last few days in kuching. Monday and tuesday were sad saying goodbye to people. Most of the peope I love we couldn’t meet, which I actually was ok with. I hate saying good bye. Having to Hug Sister P, knowing I wont see her for a very long time was enough goodbyes for me, but I did see a few other members really quick. We walked sister anderson over to the airport early in the morning for her last flight as a missionary. I came in with her to the field, but she spend more time inthe MTC learning Malay, soooo she left one transfer before me. that was sad. But I think one of the saddest things though, was tuesday’s district meeting. I was the only missionary leaving our district, so after a really good training on teaching to people’s needs, Elder Sessions (my district leader for the last 9 months…we’re best friends at this point…) led out in a “lets make sister romney blush” fest by having everyone say one memory or strength I have. Oh it was blush city all over the place. however I think my favorite was when one of the elders said i have very good broken english. I take pride in that 😀 haha
Getting to Ipoh was a nighmare. I had to switch airlines in singapore which meant I had to go out of immigration, get my bag, and then check back in at departures. They were giving me grief saying I had to buy a return flight to get to ipoh and wouldn’t give it up. I had no idea how to even work that out, soooo as i was praying in my heart, Elder Bishop, the money guy from the office walked up with Elder wadsworth, someone transfering to Ipoh, and he was able to help sort it out. That was a blessing. Then i got in a tiny little plane and flew to ipoh. We went straight out to appointments. It is a great place to be a missionary.
We have one great investigator named A. She is Indian and 23 and pregnant. Her husband also left her when he found out she was pregnant. She was in a pretty sad life for a while, but now she is renting a room from a church member and she is much happier. However, she is going to give her baby up for adoption since she has no way to take care of it. its a good thing. She wanted to wait until after her baby was born to be baptized, so in June, but she is so prepared and ready for baptism, so we asked her about it. i guess she thought giving her baby away was a sin, so that is why she wanted to wait. Since baptism washes away sin, she thought that one wouldn’t go away. We had a really good lesson assuring her that giving away her baby for the best life it could have wasnt a sin. After that she moved her date to April 11th. She is soo sooo good. She will be a great addition to Ipoh branch.
Here is just one miracle for you all. So it was friday morning. We were supposed to have one appointment at 4pm. we had our member ready to pick us up and take us out and it was going to be great. Then the investigator cancelled, so we just started calling everyone, trying to get an appointment. Like, everyone. Former investigators, potentials, everyone. Finally we got a hold of someone named A. The teaching record was from 2005, so 10 years ago. All it said was that this guy was 20ish and parked cars for a living. So we called him up and he said he was working but that we could come see him. But he said come as early as we could since he needed to leave work. We asked if he could stay longer because we didn’t know how fast we could get there. He said “I can stay as long as i want, I’m the boss.” That was a surprise, but whatever, right? To make a long story short, this guy, in the last 10 years, has gone to jail, got his lawyers degree while there, got out of jail and now has a family and a firm and is a very very successful man that still feels like something is missing in his life. Well A, we have what you are missing. Haha Ipoh is Miracle land!
I have so much more I want to share, but no time. I love you all family! Talk to you next week!
Sister Romney

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