Gong Xi Fa Cai, family! Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New year (Or Lunar new year for all the asians who aren’t chinese), started on Thursday, but it has been celebrated since wednesday. This celebration is 15 days long, but most of the businesses reopened today or will tomorrow. For three days everything was closed. Everything!! It is not a lie or being racist to say that the chinese own all the stores here, because they do!! If you needed anything from the store, you were pretty much out of luck. All closed.

So Chinese new year has a lot of cool traditions, all centered around prosperity and good fortune and things like that. SO here are a few for you to munch on:

1.Β  You are pretty much expected to visit everyone you know who is chinese. Visiting is a big thing here. People ask how many houses you visit. in our case we visited 10 houses in two days. Considering none of them are too close to each other, it was a lot.

2. People will hang fake pineapples for decorations because the word for Pineapple in Chinese sounds very similar to the words that mean “bring money.”

3. Everything must be “new” for chinese new year. Everyone deep cleans their homes and buys new cushion covers. They also buy a new outfit for the first day.

4. You are not allowed to sweep your house or property on the first few days because you will sweep the luck away!

5. A proper chinese new year eve meal will consist of 8 courses because 8 is a lucky number. Usually you will have the following: A fish course, a pork course, two or three vegetable courses, soup of somekind and dessert, just to name a few. It is all with two or three types of rice, so overall, super yum!!

6.When you go visiting you take the host or the oldest person in the house two oranges as a sign of good fortune. The Chinese word for Orange means gold πŸ˜€

7. There are Lion Dances all the time. A lion dance is supposed to bless the building and send away the evil spirits that may reside there. There are two boys under a costume that dance around like a lion. If you google it I’m sure you would see it. They are way cool!!

Anyway, those are just a few really fun things we get to experience. We just ate a whole LOT of rice and yummy chinese food this week, ate a lot of oranges and things like that. It was a really good week. We are still working hard on finding new investigators. Neither of us really like to go contacting, or just go talk to people, but we have daily goals we set for ourselves to help get us motivated, So far so good. Sunday night we talked to seven or eight people at a park and got a few phone numbers. That makes for happy missionaries πŸ˜€ Basically I love sister Fonbuena. Is is one of my favorite companions. It makes the work so much easier when you are working with your best friend. I really hope she will be my companion next transfer too!

Well hey fam, I love you. We have to scoot. But love you lots!! Have a good week!


Sister Romney

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