Rain Rain go away

Hey family!

So sorry you are all sick! That sounds so lame. I think everyone in Kuching is sick too, so take comfort in the fact that you aren’t the only ones haha. Its rainy season still, so I guess that makes the Malaysians break our in all sorts of sickness. We have been fortunate to only have a few sore knees from biking to take care of all these people, so the work can still go forward. But man, biking in the rain is not so fun. Even with rain coats and ponchos, we still get soaked on the bottoms of our skirts and our feet. I hate wet feet new. We wear these really cool plastic shoes so that they dry fast. Buuuut I wear them even not in rainy season 😀 Haha We only had two days break from the rain. Honestly, on friday night we prayed to not have rain so we could heart attack on valentines day and God blessed us with TWO WHOLE DAYS of glorious sunshine! We just biked EVERYWHERE soaking in the blessed rays…and maybe soaking it in a bit too much, cause I got a little red 😀 But its ok, it is already just tan now!
Well this week…it was really rough to be honest, but it had a lot of really good times in the rough moments. I’m trying to think of a metaphor for how it was, but I’m coming up blank. haha Sorry about that. But anyway. It was rough because a few things, but the biggest thing was the rain and dropped appointments. I hate the rain. Like, so much. It is just satan liquid to me here. As soon as I see the rain and know we have to go out, I just don’t want to. Its even worse when we don’t have any teaching appointments, so we just have to go contacting or something, because it is really ineffective and really miserable to be out. HOWEVER, I’m done complaining. I think that will just have to be what I work on this week, because the rain will NOT be stopping anytime soon. It will just be the subject of many of my prayers to come. The other thing that made this week was rough is that the few investigators we have kept cancelling appointments. Right now we only have two unit we are teaching, a total of 5 people. Rogel is one, and we are teaching a family of 5, but Dad isn’t interested. Anyway, things kept coming up so the appointments kept not happening. It is so frustrating. Sometimes agency is difficult to work with.
However, the good parts of this week are very good indeed. First, I ate almost a whole watermelon.I have no photographic proof of it, but I did it. It was very painful and I don’t plan of eating watermelon again anytime soon (This was a natural cure for some intestinal issues). The second great thing was that we were able to some really great service at a home for disabled peoples. It is run by catholic nuns, and they are nice. However, they don’t believe we are real ‘sister’. Well, we aren’t. We will someday have children, so ya. Haha. But it was fun to clean the hand rails of the place and talk to the tennants of the home. Most of them spoke only Malay, so sister Fonbuena had that under control, I just sort of danced around and made them laugh Haha.
The best day of the week, by far, was Saturday. We prayed and it didn’t rain all day so we just went ALL over Kuching, spreading the Valentines day love!! We were just so stinkin’ excited to get out and do missionary work. Its easier to do when the weather is good and hot. For Valentines day we Heart Attacked a few members, helped to clean the church and bought groceries so we could make sunday night dinner for president Teo with the help of the sliders. But my favorite part of the day was when we biked up to a place called Satok to visit R at his work place. ITs been hard for him to make it out to sister a’s so we went to see him. he is so funny. he is hopefully going back to the Philippines in march to visit his family, so that will be way fun. he hasn’t been back in a while.
I learned something kind of profound this week about the atonement. We were just talking with Elder Slider and I kind of had an epiphany. So people say that we couldn’t do anything without the atonement, right? Well I’ve always kind of been skeptical about that statement. Cause I”m pretty sure I could still bake a cake without the atonement. I’m pretty sure I could still drive a car with out the atonement. However what I’ve come to realize is that those things would just not be fulfilling with out the atonement. Its like when you eat too much food…the very sound of eating is just not even appetizing anymore. Nothing sounds good, because you just have too much inside of you. I think with out the atonement, we would have too many sins on us and have no way to get rid of them, so life would just be unappetizing. We just wouldn’t really want to do anything because of our sadness. THAT is why we need the atonement. And oh how blessed we are to have it.
I love you fam! This church is true!
Sister Romney
1.Sister L is kind of camera shy haha
2. last valentines day heart attack to President T. We had to be stealthy ninjas because he was home!!
3.  My little friend at church, J. He is 13 and reminds me a lot of a little malaysian Mac.
4. After heart attacking Brother D and Sister L’s gate on Valentines day
5. Heart attack number two to less actives who don’t talk to us. Well, we’ll just love them anyway!
6. We got a plunger this week. Naturally, plunger tom foolery followed 😉
7. J stole the tag off my scriptures. He is going to be a great missionary in about 5 years!!
8. Visiting Rogel on Valentines day!
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