Has the day of miracles ceased?

Dear Family,

The scripture that describes this week is the one thats says “Has the day of miracles ceased? I say unto you, nay.” NAY!!! I add my nay to that of whatever book or mormon prophet said that. The day of miracles has NOT ceased in the slightest. Angels are preparing people and we are just exercising our faith trying to find them!!

Ok, so the pictures tell a lot of the stories, and since time is short right now I’ll have to only tell the BEST stories. And since there are a few, this will be fun!

1. Brother M. So once upon a time, we were basically wandering through this area of kuching called batu kawa, trying to find a less active member. The address only had a 50% chance of being correct because I wrote it in sister huff’s planner and it wasn’t written very well, so she had to interpret the numbers for me over the phone. ANYWAY! I spent an hour going up and down this road that was forever long with kampung on either side. We talked to one too many chinese people who didn’t speak english or malay, so we were about to pack it in when three uncles walked past us. One was asking where we were going and I told him we were looking for our friend. Turns out he is Brother M in Batu Kawa branch! I was so shocked! I just kept asking “You are from our church?? This church??” haha. what was even better was that the less active is his daughter in law. We had a great visit with their family.

2. Finding the best family ever. So the Stampin Sisters, sister willis and sister anderson, were out knocking when they found a girl who was interested. Because her english is really good, she got passed to us. That is how it goes here. If they speak english, we teach them. ANYWAY! We called her up and she said we could come over that night (This is saturday now.) We go over, and they are amazingly prepared. They knew elders about five or more years ago, so they remembered our tags, but not much else. Anyway, we asked if they had questions and the 15 year old son asked about the judgement day. When we asked why they let us come over, they said because they wanted to know Jesus more. WHAT TEENAGER SAYS THAT??!?!?! We taught them the full restoration lesson and testified hard. They came to church yesterday and loved it. We are visiting them tonight and are going to invite them to be baptized.

3. My heart being broken by a 70-year-old uncle. Brother L, our less active, broke my heart this week. We went over for our regular thursday lesson with him and all. He is so close to coming to church, so we read key verses from ether 12 with him. It was a really intensely spirit filled lesson. Lots of good question, lots of silence. He cried a lot, and after inviting him to church 6 or 7 times, he said “no.” *SIgh* if any investigator were this stubborn, I would drop them until life softened their heart. However, he is already part of us, so we just need to endure a bit more.

Sorry its so short this week! I love you all so much though!

Sister Romney

1. Sister Fonbuena getting her warts burned off by a nice man we call “Bapa.”

2. Just posin’ with Bapa and grandpa!

3. Orang Ulu grandma liked to show us her tattoos. In her culture, the more tattoos you had, the more beautiful you were. You can’t tell here, but inside all the black are very minute designs that are SO pretty.

4-5. Bapa’s children we are teaching. They are half Indian, half Orang Ulu.

6. The Gorgeous mosque of Kuching. This is a pretty typical shot of what the city area of Kuching looks like.
7. The Orang Ulu grandpa. His ears are so saggy because he used to have bones in them or something. Orang Ulu means jungle people, so they do crazy stuff, like the tats on his arm.
8. Us in some Oran Ulu gear
9-10. We rode with the Hammers (Senior Couple) an hour out to a place called Serian for the funeral of the father of one of our members. OUr Elders are fun (Elder pierce got transferred)

11. Grandma is pretty, right?

Image 11 Image 10 Image 9 Image 8 Image 7 Image 6 Image 5 Image 4 Image 3 Image 2 Image 1 Image

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