New apartment, new companion, Woot Woot

Dear family,

This week was immensely better than last week. Thank you for your prayers, because we felt them so so much! Prayer is basically the best thing ever right? Its like a magic love transporter. You all knew I needed love, so heavenly father just took it from you and sent it to me! Its even better than mail, email, and skype put together!! Haha I am grateful for a God who cares about us and listens to our prayers and zaps blessings to where they need to be! He’s a good guy, that Heavenly Father.
This week felt so long, but that is only because it was a transfer week. Not long bad, but just long in general. We did a lot of necessary things this week that were not necessarily missionary like. Now before you haters condemn me to heck, let me just say that we moved houses and it took two days. All of Tuesday, and most of Wednesday. We had one teaching appointment Wednesday night and it turned out ok. WE ended up passing the investigators to the chinese elders because their chinese is better than their english. But let me just say that our new apartment is BEAUTIFUL!! Oh its beautiful. It has three big big bedrooms we use for our study rooms and we have all six beds out in the living room. It kind of looks like the room in the kids cartoon, Madeline. We had to house shop for stuff and it was so much fun to pick out dishes and drying racks and fans and all sorts of stuff. It was SOO expensive, so now I understand WHY you have wedding gifts, but it was lots of fun!
So Sister Willis is transferred to a malay area and Sister Fonbuena is my new companion. She is pretty great, if I say so myself. This is her second time in Kuching, but she was in a different branch. She is half Filipino, half white and is my new best friend. Being her companion is really easy. She has been out for almost a year now, so she is experienced. She is just a really good missionary and is 100% herself, 100% of the time. She is very chill and very humble and is so willing to just learn what ever she needs to. He color is for sure dark blue with neon green streaks through it. Haha she is from Utah and is 20 years old. I love her.
Other than that, we had a great few lessons with less actives this week. I think the best one was with one brother named Brother L. He hasn’t been to church in at least 17 years. He is almost 70 now, so the progress with him is very very slow, but he has improved so much since sisters have been working with him. Me and sister Huff started working with him after the chinese elders had given him all they could. The real progress has been in the last few weeks since he has started reading his book of mormon again. He has questions and his answers to our questions are so much more intelligent. We have to push him a bit in the lessons to help him understand he is capable of learning. We were reading Jacob chapter 1 with him. There is a verse where its talking about what they did to rebel against god. We asked him, “What do people do to rebel against God.” He replied “Break commandments.” This is true…but then we asked “What do YOU do to rebel against God?” After a moment of silence, he said softly, “I don’t take the sacrament.” BINGO. After ages of telling him to get to church, he finally got it in his head. I give him a few more weeks before he comes, and I’m so excited. I love working with Less Actives.
Well Fam, that is all for me. I love you all so much and will have LOTS of stories for you next week! Love you!

Sister Romney

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