Trials and blessings

Ok, I have a bone to pick with whoever quit praying for me this week. This was quite possibly one of the worst weeks, spiritually and circumstantially, on my mission. I fell off my bike twice, I have a raging cold, my knee is hurting like the dickens, we dropped/were dropped by 7 of our investigators (including s). SO! Please don’t stop praying for the missionaries, because then sometimes we have sucky weeks. 

Ok hi family! I’m done ranting now. Basically, I don’t really want to tell you about my week, because I want this to be a positive thing to read. I don’t want you all pitying me, because I’m still the luckiest girl ever. I get to be a representative for Jesus Christ. Ya ok, I know a few reading this are probably rolling their eyes and thinking “Oi, she is really one of THOSE missionaries now,” but honestly, its just cool. Like, think about why you love Jesus and how important he is to you. We get to be his representatives here to the people in Malaysia. HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN SAY THAT??? in relation to the population of the world, not a lot. SO ya. That is why i am the luckiest girl ever.
I am ALSO the luckiest girl in the world because we had a lot of half crisis-es that were avoided. For example, the FIRST time I fell off my bike was on the side of the road. We had stopped for a sec and I had my foot on the curb. I moved it for a sec and when I tried to put in on the curb again, well, I missed. It wasn’t a hard fall because I fell into the grass. It was actually pretty funny. I felt really gracefull 😀 I just kind of looked at sister Willis in one of those “I”M GOING DOWN” moments and then landed softly and contently on the grass. But when we went across the street to eat dinner, we realized we didn’t have our phone. My brain had been foggy all day, so I was worried I had lost it at a stoplight earlier where I had looked at it. However, we found it in the grass where I took my spill. SEE! heavenly father doesn’t leave us in trials. Sometimes we just need to fall, but he still has got our back!
Probably the highlight of this week was yesterday, when some less actives we have been working with came to church. Less active work, man. Its real. Got to go after those lost sheepies, ya know?

Well, I’m done. I”m sorry I don’t have more interesting things to say. BUT THis week will be the CRAZY good one, and I’m excited to tell you about it next week! I love you all!

Sister Romney
PS: Transfer News! I’m staying in Kuching Branch! My new companion will be sister Fonbuena, a Malay Sister who I love already 😀 Cheers for the week!

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