The rains came down and the floods came up

Dear Family,

I hate rain.
Ok, now that that is established I can sing you a song. Mom, you might want to teach this to your primary kids to sing. Its a good one. It goes to the tune of “the Wise man and the foolish man.”
“Bidayus build their house upon the sticks,
“Bidayus build their house upon the sticks,
“Bidayus build their house upon the sticks,
And the Rains came tumbling down!
The rains came down and the floods came up,
The rains came down and the floods came up,
The rains came down and the floods came up,
And the house on the sticks stood still.
The Ibans build their house upon the mud,
The Ibans build their house upon the mud,
The Ibans build their house upon the mud,
And the Rains came tumbling down!
The rains came down and the floods came up,
The rains came down and the floods came up,
The rains came down and the floods came up,
And the house on the mud washed away!”
The flooding here is becoming a bit of a problem to the locals. Kuching probably has the best drainage system in Sarawak, but out in the kampongs, peoples homes are being washed away. We pray all the time that they will be able to save the most precious things. It has rained almost non stop for about a week now. We will maybe have a dry hour or two once every three or four days, but other than that it is so wet! We get soo cold! I never thought I would be cold, but we gladly accept a hot cup of Milo. We don’t ususally wear rain coats because they don’t work for any part of us other than our backpacks, and those are safe usually because we put our stuff in plastic bags inside. It is just so hard to finish studies and lunch in the morning and look outside at the rain and get the will power to go out in it. It is a great test of our faith, that is for sure.
This week was full of heartbreaks that were made up for with miracles. We have five new investigators this week, two I am so excited about. I mean, I love all of them, but sometimes some people shine more than others, ya know? The first is S. She is from indonesia but speaks great English and is going to school here in kuching. She just walked up the the church and asked if she could come sometime to our service. We weren’t there, but our members were and invited her to our sunday service. She came last week and we met her twice this week and will again tonight. She is one amazingly prepared lady! She is a recent convert to all of Christianity and is very open to listening and experimenting on the word of God. Oh she is just amazing. She is turning out to be a lot like A was. Its just so easy to teach her and be with her because her faith in God overcomes the doubts of Man. She really has her priorities straight. We want to invite her with a date to be baptized tonight, so we’ll see how!
Some of the heartbreaks this week was Mr. P. He is really struggling and decided he does not want to be baptized. He doesn’t see the point of church and the book of mormon because he is so old already and thinks he has lost his chance. But no matter how many times we told him it isn’t too late, he wouldn’t take it. He is losing his memory, so that would be a trial of faith. Maybe we are just here to prepare him for the spirit world, ya know? Sister P took it ok and came to church without him, the first time in 3 months or so, which is a major blessing for all of us. She needs to be at church. After the lesson where Mr. P dropped us, we were just kind of sad, but we are ok now. Its hard to see those we love and have such great experiences with reject what is the best for us. I used to be afraid of sharing the gospel for that reason, and I think it prevented me from a lot of growth. PEOPLE! When others take what you love and crush it under their feet, it is an opportunity for you to grow your testimony. Don’t take it personally, even if that is how is was given. Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from trying. That is the fastest way to lose a lot of opportunities to be an instrument in the hands of God. Share the gospel and take the hits that come, because God will bless you for it.
The funny story for the week involves WD-40, so buckle up, its about to get slippery. (Bad joke. Forgive me). So we had a day where we had at least 5 hours unplanned. We had been meaning to make it down to Batu Tujuh, about a half an hour away (where T lives…its also called 7-mile) so we decided to do that. We had a list of a few people we could possibly see. I was convinced we didn’t need that much time, but sister Willis was sure we would find something to do with it. And so we went forth. My bike has been a bit more janky this week, but that was only because it needed some oil on the chain. After NO one was where we wanted them to be on our list, we stopped at a Super Save and bought some WD-40 for my bike so we could get home with fewer worries.We got that chain working like a jem I tell you. It was VERY nice. And I just got SO excited about this new thing that is WORKING MACHINERY that I went a little crazy, the way I do and I sprayed it on my pedals and my tires and then…my back brake. I was about to do the front one when Sister Willis made the wise observation that lubricant would cancel out any effect i would desire of my brake for stopping, so we tried it, and sure enough my brake was sliding just like it would covered in WD-40. We wiped it with a cloth for a bit, and decided to ride on, but I just felt so squirlley about it (the spirit obviously) so we called some elders and they said my brake is toast because the pads would have soaked up this horrible liquid like pads would and I would need them replaced. They said I MIGHT be able to get home if we didn’t need to brake too much…but home from batu tujuh is all down hill, soooooo that would not work. Long story short, we sat at a Petronus station waiting for the Sliders to come save us, like they always do. We weren’t even late for our appointment! The moral of this story? Keep WD-40 away from your brakes and follow your companion’s promtings. God will always make it work out, wont’ he?
I love you fam!
Sister Romney
PS We are late on email because we went to a culture village today for pday. Long story short because my time is out, we got to see traditional stuff from all the local sarawak tribes. ITs amazing, culture, isn’t it? Haha Love you!
1. Today at the Culture Village! This is a traditional Orang Ulu
2. Fun Family
3. This morning going from our place to the church
4. Traditional Bidayu man who made flutes.
5. I live in this gorgeous place. Sometimes I’m in awe of it still.
6. Traditional Orang ulu woman
7. Wooden flutes are harder than metal ones, but I managed it 😀
8. This is T who we taught in the hospital. He is back in Sibu now
9. We are moving houses so we spend some time clearing out lots of junk. These are pillows going down the garbage chute. I am also wearing the sister missionary equivalent of sweatpants, so that is for you mom 😉
Image Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8

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