learning Malay?

Apa Khabar keluargaku!

Well something fun that happened this week is that sister Willis is now officially assigned to learn Malay! Although she is an English Sister now, she was originally called in Malay. They were worried about some health stuff sot that is why they switched her, but its all cleared up so President wants her with the Ibans in the Kampongs of Sarawak. Sooo that means that I will also learn more Malay too! This is my second “language companion” who is learning the language. I had sister Guzman and sister LeBaron, but both of them were pretty pandai already, so I’m just counting Sister Huff and, now, Sister Willis. this is why I pretend I speak more languages than I do. I totally acknowledge this would be a great opportunity to learn a language, and Malay is soooo interestingly put together, but man, it’s just hard. I feel like an old Auntie trying to use a smart-phone for the first time…you know that feeling? Just feeling out of date and just wishing to stick with the basics? Ya, thats me right now with languages. I just want to stick with the ability to understand and communicate VERY simply in Malay and even less in Chinese. Buuuuuut we’ll see. Maybe I’ll get a huge burst of inspiration and just go for it. That happens a lot. However, I will have you know, that my new years resolution of running and getting healthy has been a success this week! We’ve decided to run three times a week and do other stuff the other days. We are also just recently obsessed with the local fruit here and I guess because it is BRIGHT colors, that means its super healthy? I trust sister Willis on this one, and I feel really good šŸ˜€ Except my knees. They are kind of sore today, but mostly they are good. Biking does great things for them.

Well I think I jinxed myself last week by saying it was so busy, because this week I feel like our work load doubled. We taught 11 lessons to investigators (thats a lot for us, for all of your skeptics out there.). We visited Brother and Sister P pretty much every day this week. Brother P is out of the hospital now and doing pretty good. His cancerous blood cells are under control. I guess his body isn’t making new clean blood cells, so he needs to have lots of blood transfusions to help keep his count up. But he and Sister P are planning on coming to church next week for an hour, which is a really big deal. Sister P was one of our active members but hasn’t been able to come for 3 months since Brother Poh has been sick. She is just all sorts of jazzed that Brother P is getting baptized. We had a good visit with her yesterday while he was sleeping. They are just such a cute couple šŸ˜€

We have a lot of great new people in our teaching pool. One is a 14 year old named D. He is quarter american, and the rest chinese, but he really lets you know about that quarter! Haha he is very sincere in his questions about christ.

We are also teaching a man in the hospital whose name is T. He was in the same room as Brother P and Sister Coward started talking to him while she and I were companions for a day. So We’ve also visited him every day because he doesn’t have many visitors. He is from Sibu, a different city in Sarawak, so we are pretty much his only visitors. He reads the book of mormon like a voss though, because he has nothing else to do. When he is released and goes back to Sibu, we’ll pass his information so the elders there can take over his salvation šŸ˜€

President Mains came again for interviews with all the missionaries in Kuching this week. I never get over how much they do for us missionaries. I am really excited for the day when I’m not a missionary so I can hug president mains. He deserves one. But for now I”ll just keep huggin’ sister Mains! But along with President came Elder Funk of the asia area seventy! I’ve met him three times now on my mission and he is just really solid. I like him a lot. Anyway, he gave leadership trainings for east malaysia but also gave the youth and YSA of Kuching a fireside about being a missionary. We were allowed to go because A came! She was so cute, asking missionary questions to me in between what Elder Funk said. One funny thing was when Elder Funk asked me to answer a question about missionary work in Malay. I just blinked for a sec and then laughed and said “Sorry, I don’t speak Malay!” He was shocked for a sec and then President yelled out “They’re English Sisters!” WOOHOO! English Sister Represent! Or how about the time Elder Funk asked me how long I’ve been out? (FYI, there was only us and an elder companionship, so thats why we got a lot of questions). When I said “15 months” the members just gasped a bit. Then they did the math of 18 minus 15 and gasped again!! Haha a few members came up to me after and commented on it. They acted like I only had three months to live PERIOD, not just left of my mission. I was amused by their concern.

I taught Relief Society yesterday. I only got my hands on an Ezra Taft Benson book RIGHT before sacrament meeting, so very little preparation was done, however, it turned out ok I think . I loved the lesson on Putting God before all others. Its the first and great commandment for reason, to love god above anything and anyone. When we put God first in all our descions, everything will either fall into place or fall out of our lives. That is something I have seen be so true on my mission, especially in old relationships, whether with boys or just anyone. By putting God first on my mission and KEEPING him first by keeping my eye single to his glory and being consecrated, the relationships that were holding me back just fell out of my life. But then I have seen a lot of relationships fall into place, like my family and certain friends. Also I have had room for lots of new people, like companions and other missionaries and also the wonderful people here. I know that heavenly father just really takes care of us. We just have to trust him enough to follow.

Welp family, I love you. I know this gospel is true. Keep being awesome! Talk to you next week!

Sister Romney

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