Working hard!

Hey Fam!

Well this week was just a big ball of crazy with a name tag on it! Crazy good, crazy sad, crazy miracles, and you get to hear about ALL of it! I would suggest fastening your seat belts and keeping your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, because you might lose a body part if you dont!

We spent all if p-day practicing a dance for the district christmas devotional. More on that later. But then we visited U and E so sister Huff could say goodbye. Basically, we bore hard core testimony that the book of mormon is true. I think to quote me, I said, “If you don’t want church, ok. If you don’t want Word of Wisdom, ok. But must have Book of Mormon in life so can always be close to Jesus.” Yes, those were my words and that was how I said it. I pride myself on my fluency of broken English.
We volunteered at the disabled home again and that was way fun. We also got to see J again at her family’s home. She is was more comfortable there. We taught her about true faith, because she doesn’t really understand the concept of acting of her faith. She commited to read and pray more, since she hasn’t been. The best part of the day was seeing our chinese girls (the four sisters) at our branch president’s home. President Bobby and his wife, sister Evelynne are both returned missionaries from the singapore mission, and sister Evelynne’s chinese is way good, so she helped sister Huff teach them the Plan of Salvation. They accepted the baptismal invitation so fast and they want to be baptized next week. However, we settled on Feb 7, just to give them some time to adjust 😀
Today was the day that EVERYONE cancelled on us. I shouldn’t say it is the only day, because it happens all the time, but it was just extra annoying today for some reason. I just want to bring people closer to Christ, but they just cancel their appointments. WHY IS IT SO HARD PRESIDENT?! The night was good though, because we had our District Christmas Devotional. When I say Devotional, I mean that they showed a talk in English from the church christmas devo, so no one really listened or understood, and they we had a party after! Haha each branch had an act to perform, and so did the missionaries. Ours was choreographed by sister Coward, who is a dance performance graduate, sooooo it was professional. It involved lots of running and jumping and throwing presents and then dying. I hope I can get you a copy of it from the senior couples. The members LOVED it, so it did it’s job! We had probably 300 people there, and that is massive turnout for the district. R came too, and I think he liked it!
After some great weekly planning with Sister Huff, we had a dinner with a less active brother who took us out to steamboat. Oh it was nice, but oh I was slightly scared. They boiled everything together with prawn, so I just took some of my medicine and said a prayer before tucking in…to everything except the prawn of course. I am a testimony that prayers work, because I’m emailing you now!
On the way home the bike I was riding got a flat so we walked for a while before calling the sliders to help us get home. It was late already, and I was a tisch loopy from the meds, so their help was much appreciated.
The day of sadness where Sister Huff left for Miri. She’ll be ok, but I miss her heaps already. She is doing what I did with Sister Schriever, in that she is with another trainee for her last 4 weeks of training. Crazy how history repeats itself. It the history continues, I’ll be transferred at the end of the transfer and leave sister Willis to fend for herself. I hope not, but you never know!
Sister Willis came this day! She is from Washington DC and had been on her mission 5 months. I actually picked her up from the airport in my Singapore days! She is coming from Singapore’s filipino ward, so East Malaysia is all new to her. However, she is taking it like a champ. She is so fast at biking already, I don’t even have to slow down!
We went out to Matang to see Brother L, our Branch Mission Leader. He doesn’t really know what a branch mission leader is, so the sliders and the elders taught him and then sister Willis and I gave a spiritual thought.
We spent the first part of the day trying to find sister willis a bike to buy, but since it was Mohammad’s birthday, most of the shops were closed. Dang it, Mohammad!! She is borrowing on for the time being.
We tried to teach our chinese girls again, but without sister huff it was really hard. We had a there to translate, but is just not the same as a MISSIONARY who can speak chinese. I think we’ll stick with Sister Evelynne from now on.
Ok, miracle of the week. After Church with no investigators there, we went to the hospital to visit Sister P, a very active sister, and her husband, a non member who has rejected learning lately. Mr. P has blood cancer and we have visited him and sister P alot. Sister P is the only member of the church in her family and it is really hard for her. So we get to the hospital and we are just talking with them. Mr. P is very happy considering he had blood cancer. I just asked if they had any questions and Mr P said “I want to be baptized but how can I because I’m so old.” There was a beat of silence as we all took in the magnitude of what he just said and then it was kind of like a burst of the spirit flooded the room. WHAT A MIRACLE! We talked logistics as well as the spiritual prep, and he is now on date to be baptized on 31 January, 2015. We are so excited about all this means for sister Poh.
WE had dinner at President Teo’s as normal and S and W were there. On saturday when we invited them to church, they said they didn’t want to learn about the church anymore but still wanted to be friends. Weeeeelll they are talking to the wrong people about that because their salvation is at stake and if you think I”m going to let them walk away with out the plan of salvation in their lives, you are very mistaken. Sooo after making vietnamese food at teo’s and just being friends we bore solid testimony of the truth and asked if we could teach them one more lesson before they close the door. They agreed so thank heavenly father for that one.
Being a missionary is still my favorite thing ever. I love you all!
Sister Romney


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