Hey Family!!
It was soooo much fun to skype with you all! I feel like I’ve already updated you on my week, but I should probably tell the rest of the world what happened too, right? Here is the week of christmas, according to and in the life of Sister Romney and Sister Huff.
Tuesday: Christmas Adam!
This is really where the week starts. We went as a zone to a disabled home before district meeting. We sang for the group of maybe 40 disabled people, of all different ages and races. They were so happy. I was leading the music and probably the most stressful bit was the fan, threatening to blow my skirt up by my ears. It didn’t, but it came close. THAT would have made the show a lot more interesting, wouldn’t it? Haha After the singing, we went and talked to everyone and visited some of the people who couldn’t leave their beds. It was so much fun. There was a reporter there snapping some pictures, asking some names, you know how reporters do. The next day we were surprised when we saw this picture on the front of one of the newspapers! Being a missionary is the coolest sometimes!

Wednesday: Christmas Eve!
After a glorious morning of full studies (we had only had partial for the last few mornings), we went out to Matang to have a lesson with R. He is doing great! Almost completely stopped smoking now. We talked to him about his baptism date. He was supposed to get baptized on Christmas, but because he still was smoking and still doesn’t have Sundays off, we have to move it. He said straight out, “I feel ready to be baptized.” We told him “We feel the same,” Now he just needs to get work off on sundays. This is a big problem with foreigners working here, because they can’t just quit their job and find a new one. First, they are under contract for a certain number of months or years, and second, they are here on a work visa, so if they quit their job, they dn’t have the visa to stay anymore. There in is the Catch-22. SOO it is a slow process. We just shared a christmas message based on the MormonAd from December’s Liahona. It is a picture that says “make room.” It has a quote about how we are each innkeepers who decide if we let Jesus in or not. It was actually Sister Huff’s idea and it was way good. When we say, “I’m too busy to read my scriptures,” or “i’m too tired to pray,” it is essentially us saying, “No Room for Jesus here.” I think it put things into perspective for all who were there.
After we got back, we went caroling to an old folks home close by our house. All the Aunties and Uncles loved our four singing voices. We got to visit with them after and I had a nice chat with a 90-year-old sister who was telling me why her english was so good and how things used to be. She asked us to come again, so we will go back this coming week.
Thursday: Christmas!
Our day was crazy. First, We got to talk to our families. Mine is doing pretty good. I got to talk to my new sister-in-law and the rest of the nuts that are the Romney Family 😉 Haha I’m glad to know that you all still laugh at my jokes, it makes me remember that yes, I DO still fit in with my family, who are all white, with out a single asian gene to be found.
After we got off the computer with you, we biked out to Matang to visit Sister D. She is a foundational member of Kuching, and is married to a Buddhist. He sat in on the whole lesson though, a new improvement.
We visited two less active members with SisterL , a very active sister who is the only member of her family. She drove us, so our legs got a break.
We visited J also and watched the “Joy to the World” movie with her. She was way interested in the fact that even prophets were persecuted.
We had a miracle lesson fall in. We met with one of our new investigators, which is a miracle by itself. Her name is S D and she is from Vietnam. ANYWAY, we met her at the KDC to watch the Joy to the World movie, and she came with two of her friends, also vietnamese. Sooooo that is two referrals contacted right there! One, named S, is christian, and the other, W, is nothing religion-wise. When the lesson finished and they left, I really thought that S had the most potential to meet again. More on that for Sunday 😉
We ended our night with a less active Brother, named D L. He fed us what is called steamboat. It is a broth that you boil and you cook different things in it, like fishball and lettuce and more fishball. You eat it with noodles, and it is my favorite.
Friday: Post-Christmas day 1
We studied, we weekly planned for about two hours before our RS President called asking us to come open the church for her. She had food to drop off for the christmas party later that night. We ride our bikes over and help her out. Sister Huff was starving, so we jalan jalaned to find something to eat. We got a phone call from the APs as sister Huff was deciding if she wanted curry rice or not. They told us that there is an emergency transfer and sister Huff is leaving on friday to Miri, and I am staying in Kuching and getting a new companion. Her name is Sister Willis. She is one I picked up from the Airport in my STL days, and one of my favorites. I’m excited to work with her. Buuuut we were pretty sad as we ate our chicken rice (not the curry rice. Curry rice is bad if you are sad).
That night was our branch christmas party. It started super late, like most things do here, we had to do a musical number as the missionaries (we were told about 5 minutes before we got on). We also filled the whole culteral hall. We set up about 100 chairs and they were all filled. MOstly with nonmembers and investigators. Remember, our branch will get maybe 40 members on a good sunday, so this was a big deal. We met so many new people to teach, so it was a big success. PLUS the food was amazing.
Saturday: Post Christmas day 2
We did service for sister slider all day by baking cookies for the district party while she and elder slider ran elders everywhere. We also went to another christmas party for a family in our branch.
Sunday: Post Christmas day 3:
Church. Then we were going to go home and have lunch and finish our studies, but we got roped into visiting a less active member, brother L (Same as christmas). I was so good we went though. He is great.
We met s again and guess who she brought? Not S, but W!! We taught them the restoration (the second time for S) and watched the restoration movie in Vietnamese. It was sooo great and W is a new investigator now. After, we took them to dinner at Teo’s and that was amazing, as always.
Well, as you see, being a missionary is the best thing ever. I’m sad sister Huff is leaving, but excited for the future. Have a great week!
Sister Romney
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