Highs and Lows

This week was crazy fast, Family. I don’t know if you felt it, but I would say it was like unto the Doctor time traveling and I was his companion (with Sister Huff too, OF COURSE). Ok sorry, that was a dumb joke…but its been a while so you’ll have to forgive me 😀 Haha

So Zone Conference was amazing!! Our focus was chapter 13 of Preach My Gospel, “How to work with stake and ward leaders.” Gutts that Malaysia only has Districts and branches! Haha we applied the change appropriately. I forgot my notes at home, but I think it was a good push to making the work hasten in Kuching. When we do get a stake in East Malaysia, it will be in Kuching, because it is the biggest city in East Malaysia and we have 6 branches here. The thing that is holding us back is low Priesthood Holders and not enough people are paying their tithing. Once we have those problems fixed, we are good to go! I think it is a big motivator for some people, but a lot of these missionaries in Malaysia have never served in Singapore and really understand what a blessing a stake is. Its hard to make that your goal when you don’t even know how much you need it! Even though we all grew up in stakes, being a missionary gives you a better understanding on how the church runs.
I was so happy because I got to see P and the boys again while I was in Singapore! She brought them AND a delicious, american-esque meal of pasta. She may be Singaporean, but she has got the “Mormon Mom” thing down to a Tee…and she isn’t even a member yet!! haha It was good to chat with her and remember why I miss Singapore. After that, we had the amazing opportunity to go caroling in Singapore’s Botanical Gardens. It was most of our zone, so imagine us four sisters with at least 12 elders, trying to get a carol together. It was way fun. We got to talk to a lot of really nice people who were interested in the carols, ergo, us! We gave them pass a long cards with a Singapore missionary number on it, so hope that all works out!
Getting back to work once we came home was a bit of a slow start. We still had “p-day” stuff to do because we were flying on monday. So we had to go shopping because we had NO food, and get our bikes fixed and semi-clean our house. Wednesday wasn’t very productive for key indicators, because we got back and were required to come caroling, and then thursday we had appointments, so didn’t get to weekly plan, so we had to do that on FRIDAY! Ooof…
We also had some really sad events. To make a very long story fit into a very short sentence, U and E S dropped us. They just decided they didn’t want to learn anymore. The slightly longer story is that we taught them the word of wisdom, and there was only a slight hiccup with coffee and tea. The next morning we had 16 text messages from E S saying how because Jesus drank wine, we should too, so he doesn’t believe this church. MY interpretation is that E S can’t reason that far because he has never read the bible, so I think he was up late at night googling and came across some anti-mormon literature. They called and “broke up with us” by telling us they have already been baptized, so they don’t need to, how the book of mormon in wrong and yada yada yada, when just the night before, U was testifying to us about how she knew the book of mormon was the word of God. It basically ruined our day, but also our week. That was really hard. However, sister Huff and I had realy spiritual experiences in our personal studies overcoming this trial. It is important to remember that people have their agency, and no matter how obedient we are, and how many blessing we deserve, God will never take away someone’s agency.
In other news, we haven’t heard from T and H since we have been back, and not for lack of trying. They went to Penang for the weekend and we don’t know if they are back, or what. We’ll have to go down there and see if they are home to be sure of anything. R will have to move his date for baptism because he still doesn’t have Sundays off. J is good though 😀 Still going ok, so that is a blessing. We are kind of experiencing a “low” right now, but God brings us low so he can take us even higher 😀
We are excited for the coming week because we are trying to use christmas to our benefit. Caroling in Singapore excited us to try it here in Kuching. People really can’t sing here, so they think we are REALLY good. We want to carol in a few public places with all four of us sisters because we can speak the necessary languages to talk to most everyone! Hopefully it will yield some really prepared people to teach. because our teaching pool is like a puddle right now.
I love you! Have a good week!
Sister Romney
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