District conference and then Zone conference in Singapore

Hi Family!! Its so good to email you. I really miss emailing back and forth, but you are sleeping and that is more important anyway 😀 Haha I’ll just chat with you next week! I am in Singapore right now and it is soooo weird. I never understood when I was companions with sister LeBaron how she could talk to so many people. She had also just come from Kuching, and now I understand. I am so used to just GOING GOING GOING from place to place and not having time to just sit next to people who speak perfect english. Mostly just the sitting part. The MRT is a nice contrast from the bikes, that is for sure. And everyone is just SITTING there!! It is so strange to talk to someone on a bike, but we still do it, so it is so natural here! I passed out 4 or 5 mormon.org cards and a plan of salvation pamphlet just on the way from the airport to the stake center. Its so much fun, but my english is sooo bad. I speak like a malaysian now, and throw in random sounds like “ah” and “ma” and “Aiyo” everywhere. Even for singapore, its pretty janky. I just love everything about being back, but alas, it is also rainy season in Singapore. While everything is covered, there is a stretch of open air on the way to the church JUST long enough that we got fairly soaked…some things never change I guess. Ah well, I still love it here 😀

Well this week! What shall I tell you?? It was fairly insane! Like how we taught 8 investigator lessons and 5 Recent Convert/Less Active Lessons? Or maybe how we met J, the miracle of the week? Or perhaps how we had district conference and ELDER WONG of the Seventy came?? He is the one who spoke Cantonese in the last general conference!! More on that later 😀

So we taught so much this week! We were cycling everywhere, it seemed like. Our area is all of Kuching since we teach people who prefer English and Chinese. We put some serious miles on our bikes, as well as our bums. If I had a guarantee of longer on the bike, I might buy a better seat, but I don’t know how long it will be, so I will just endure I guess 🙂 It makes me feel really validated in sitting down on a couch or something…a nice change. R is almost not smoking now! We need to check on him again, but he is down to half a cigarette a day. I didn’t know you could smoke only HALF a cigarette, but I guess you can? Haha he is great. We are still praying he will be ready and get work off before his baptismal date of Christmas Day! U and E are doing well also. This week was a bit of a struggle because we would set an appointment, but then U would be called into work, so we just taught E on those days. He is a rock star. He asks great questions, like “Do people reject your message?” or “Is being a missionary fun?” Then when we give him the answers he is so surprised. He is getting more ready though. T and H are also ok. They slowed down a bit last week with their progression because of some funny circumstances that stopped them from reading their scriptures, but they are doing ok now. They are in Penang and KL this few days we are in Singapore. H is getting her family history while she is in KL, so we are excited about that.

Ok, so here is the story of J. It was Tuesday night. We looked at the white board that we put all our “stuff” on, like our 10 day planning schedule, our investigators and their dates, lessons to teach, potential investigators, things like that. We had just dropped someone because they just didn’t want anymore, and we looked at each other and said “We need new investigators.” So that night we prayed we would get some. We had been in the freezing all day, so we went to bed a bit early, like 10, instead of 11. Well we wake up the next morning and have a text from someone, requesting a book of mormon. Long story short, this is J. She is so ready it is almost too easy. We put her on date for January 10 in our second meeting, but first real lesson, and she accepted straight away. We have now taught her the restoration and the plan of salvation and she is excited about both! She is a miracle from God. Heavenly Father is so willing to bless us, we just have to ask nicely.

Ok last! Elder Sam Wong from the seventy came to Kuching’s district conference!! We had a whopping 300 members come from the six branches. The Church was full for once! We had to open the overflow a bit. It looked so full, but I bet it is just like any ward in America, even Newman Lake ward. The difference is that the whole of it was in Malay Haha! For the even session, sister coward translated for me, but in the sunday session, I was a bit lost. I understood enough to MOSTLY get it, but I couldn’t have given you a word for word. Elder Wong is really cool. He spoke in English and it was translated into Malay. His English is way good, or course. He was so surprised that sister Huff spoke Chinese, but was very impressed with it I think 😀 She is so good haha

Well fam, I’m excited to report to you all the cool things I learn from Zone conference next week, as well as give you some TRANSFER NEWS 😀 Haha I love and miss you! Keep going strong!

Sister Romney

1. This day we rode ALL over in the sunshine (no rain=blessing=sunburn)
2.Sister Huff was not happy about it
3.Elder Wong is REAL!!

4. Oops! i got the package early and already opened it…BUT THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! IT IS SOOOOO PERFECT! MErry Christmas 😀

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