Thanksgiving in Malaysia

Hello Hello my Family! Happy Thanksgiving!! It was really fun this week explaining what thanksgiving is to all the local people…we said something like “The day we get together with our families and eat lots of food and talk about what we are thankful for because once upon a time the white people of america ate a dinner with the lamanites of america.” Haha thats it, right??

We had a lot happen this week. And we mostly did it wet. It is raining SOOOO much here, I hate it. Like, I know it is rainy season and stuff, and I don’t mind the rain once in a while for a few minutes, but it rains every. Single. Day. For hours. At mostly the same time. it is getting a bit obnoxiousl. I think every day this week we got soaked. I’m not a happy camper when wet….its just uncomfortable, ya know?? But, it is what it is, so I will continue to get soaked for the cause of Christ. Its just suffering shame for the name and all. If it brings someone closer to Christ, I’m in. (Wow…that sounded like a real missionary right there…)
One of the highlights of this week was our thanksgiving. We had an amazing meal prepared for us by the senior couples, the Sliders and the Przybylas. Given the fact that they had east malaysia resources to work with, they did a real amazing job. We had pulled pork sandwiches (only Non-Halal for us), and baked potatoes (with REAL sour cream and butter and gravy) and amazing salad things and SO MUCH CORN! Oh my word. I could only eat one plate before I was full. American food is so filling! It was nice not to eat rice though! Then we had pumpkin pie and I thought I was in heaven. I miss grandma’s pies. If she sent one, would it be good when it reached me? i sure hope so!
U and E S are doing so good! Ee Shiong is so into the lessons and he is only 14! He said he wants to be baptized so he can get the gift of the holy ghost. I guess that sounds good to him? U is a bit more of a struggle, because she is very tired when we come over. She sometimes goes in and out of the room during lessons because of this and that. We are visiting them tonight and really hope we can help her focus by teaching more in Mandarin. Sister Shirley, our RS Pres, is an amazing fellowshipper for her. She also is amazing Mandarin help for sister Huff, seeing as I am not. Both U and E S came to sacrament meeting this week, so that is a big improvement.
T and H are doing pretty good. This week was kind of rough with them just because we feel they are losing focus a bit.  They also didn’t come to church, and didn’t answer calls and when we dropped by their house, they weren’t there. Hope they are ok.
R is also doing good! He is down to 3 cigarrettes a day and is sworn to get off them this week. is also working on getting sundays off, the last thing keeping him from baptism. We love R!!
Well I think thats it for me! Sorry this isn’t as long as last week. I love you all so much! I appreciate and feel your prayers so much, so keep them coming! Have a good week!

Sister Romney

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