The Joys of Riding a Bikes

Hey hey jia ting (family in chinese 😛 ) I love you all!!

To answer mom’s questions about Christmas: I assume Christmas will be like when you were in KL, all the commercialism, none of the Christism, yeah?  Does Christmas present a better opportunity to talk to people about the gospel because they know it’s Christmas, but may not even be aware what it is about? 
I’m not really sure what to expect. There are way more christians here than in KL, so maybe it could have more Jesus. For now, we just see LOTS of christmas trees and we hear TONS of christmas music. We were eating in a food court at a mall and I actually heard David Archuletta’s and Josh Groban’s  christmas songs. It was really really funny to hear BEFORE THANKSGIVING!! How can it be?? I’m excited to see what prostelyting will be like at christmas time. Sarawak is a christian state, so they can say Jesus and not get in trouble with other people. There is more religious freedom here, but not by much. I hope that we can do something for the community to bring people closer to christ 😀
Ok, so this week was really good (what else is new. Being a missionary is the best.). We biked ALL over Kuching this week, thats for sure. Sister Huff and I are soooo sore in places where we didn’t know we COULD be sore. So that has been fun, telling each other the strange places we are sore, right before we go to bed. Yes, we are QUITE bonded 😀
R is doing a lot better! He was down to 5 cigarettes when we met him on wednesday. Since he threw his away he has had to borrow from his friends, so I’m sure that will get old really quick. We are excited about him. T and H are also great! They came to church on sunday but dosed off during the primary program. It must be hard to be old.
We had a miracle this week with U! if you remember, she is an amazing new investigator of ours who is so ready to act on this message. We got to meet her son, 14 year old E S. He was SO shy at first. He doesn’t know much about the nature of God or really, anything. We taught them the plan of salvation because the father/husband died 5 years ago. When we taught E S he could see his dad AS HIS DAD (not just somebody that he used to know), he was so shocked. Imagine his surprise then when we asked him to pray about the plan to know if it was true. He just said, “Wait…will God answer my prayer?” I have never really thought that people didn’t know God answers prayers. I felt touched to be able to promise E S that God WOULD indeed answer his prayers. That was a really cool “missionary moment” for me. Even though I am doing this all the time, it still hits me sometimes just how great our calling is. I love being a missionary. I’ve been contemplating a lot on a comment that Sister Bradfield made to me last week as we were emailing. She asked if it felt so normal to be a missionary now. I was thinking a lot about that. At first, I said “well its always felt normal, from day one.” But the more I’ve thought about it, the more I realize that I don’t really know how to be a normal human anymore. The daily schedule is so so ingrained in me, that I sometime get up BEFORE the alarm goes off. When I think about 8:30 am, I can only think of my personal study. I cannot even imagine staying out past 10 because that is our latest curfew. But also, I think it would be weird to not ride my bike everyday and say “Hello” to everyone I see on the street. I’m so used to ending every conversation or lesson with my testimony and “amen,” I don’t know how to NOT. I really feel like I will be a missionary for the rest of forever because what else would there be? SLEEP IN?? GO ON A DATE?? DRIVE A CAR?? I can’t even imagine it.
On Saturday, we went out to an area of town called Batu Kawa to find a bunch of less active members. We put sticky tabs on a map of our whole branch and there were multiple people out there, so away we went! It was about a 20 minute bike ride, so really not that bad. But it was super sunny and hot that day, so my “tan” got even better. Tan isn’t really the right word. All the members say “pink” instead for me, so I got my “pink” on :S The first Less Actives were a mom and daughter named W and C. Sister Hansen visited them before I came, but we drifted off after i got here. We only had some janky directions of how to get there and by some miracle and after climbing three wrong flights of stairs, we found them. They are so cute. Sister Huff actually was friends with the missionary who taught C! Plus W is better in Chinese, so having sister Huff is a big blessing. We are going to go visit them again on Friday.
After W and C, we went to find some other less actives. We were warned by other missionaries that this family was pretty staunch less actives. When we knocked on their door, a woman opened it, only to make a dissatisfied noise and close and lock the door again. In chinese, Sister Huff translated that they were saying things like “Its them again. Don’t open the door.” We saw them peeping out the peep hole and muttering again and again “don’t open the door.” We kept knocking and knocking at their gate, just trying to get them to open up. Sister Huff even said “Can we talk to you?” three times in chinese. No such luck. We stood there for probably 10 minutes before we just left, leaving only a note saying we were sorry they didn’t like us because we liked them. We’ll go back when we see Winnie and Corina. What is the worst that could happen? They get more less active? Not likely. I’m hoping some persistence will annoy them enough to talk to us.
Lastly was our Bike ride out to Matang, the one that made us sore. It was just last night actually. We had a dinner appointment with a part member family in the branch. It was delicious, and totally worth the bike ride. It was an hour both ways. seriously, if you were to google a map of Kuching, you would put your finger on the bottom of the map and drag it all the way to the top. THAT is how far our bike ride way. Intense, i know. The lesson was really fun though. Riding back was an adventure because I decided to try a different way. We only got turned around once, so that is a BLESSING 😀 When we got on our bikes this morning, I whimpered a bit because of my sore sore bum.
Well thats it for me! I love you family! Have a great thanksgiving! Whip out my cardboard self and take pics of everyone there with ‘me’ ok? I love you!
Sister Romney
Pics:  English Class, Sis. Huff wanted to straighten Haley’s hair, drying out the drapes, visiting the sick, wet weather, more English class, more visiting of members.
Image Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8

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