Hard at work

Hi Hi family! How are things? How is home? How is the weather? Its strange to think that it is the november of my childhood at home, and not this soupy, sweaty, sticky heat of Kuching. I should probably also add into that “WET” because it continues to rain every single day. However, we get lots of miracles from it, so all is well (more on those miracles later). I miss being cold sometimes. The only time I am truly cold is when my blankets fall off at night, because our air-con in the bedroom is Singapore worthy…I think it might start snowing if we don’t figure out how to turn the temperature up. I would not want to be sent home for frostbite πŸ˜‰

This week was great! It was the first full one with sister Huff and we did WORK! We met and exceeded the goals we set. Its not about numbers, just like everyone says, its about souls, but I am here to tell you that when you have a big, ugly number looking at you, it makes you want to work for more souls, and then Heavenly Father sends the miracles. It is so strange to be training. Kind of like I said last week, I was so ignorant with Sister Bradfield. I was still figuring out the missionary thing. Now I’ve been a missionary for A LOT longer, so I understand it a bit more. Not that I am perfect, because I’m not. Jesus is perfect ;P To answer your question, Mom, about why it is so stressful, I would have to compare it to probably raising children. Obviously, Sister Huff is potty trained and the like, but it is such a huge adjustment for her, and the rest of her mission will be an aftershock of these first 12 weeks. If I slack off at all, that is how she may just interpret missionary work: Slacking off and hanging out for 18 months. Since it is not, I have to be extra diligent in everything. I don’t want to be the excuse of why she is unprepared, in anything. If I do something a certain way, like weekly planning, that is how she will think it is done. That is why I have to be so diligent in doing things the right way, AKA the Preach My Gospel way. Honestly though, Sister Huff,. and training in general, is an answer to prayers. If you look back on my emails from last transfer, I was a bit on the trunky side. I cannot afford to be trunky because if I am trunky, sister Huff will be trunky. And being trunky from transfer one is not a good way to start your mission. Its just so funny because she is so much like me…and also Summer. If I’m not looking at her and she talks I could swear that Summer is talking to me (or at least Summer the last time I talked to her…). She also does funny things like jumping on the bed, singing the wrong lyrics to songs. Haha thats what we do for fun…sing a song we know but change the words to missionary themes. For example, to the Tune of “Mad World,” we sing “All around me are investigators, investigators, investigators.” Or to the tune of “Reflection” from Mulan, “Look at me, I will never pass for a missionary, or a child of God/ can it be? Am I meant to play this part?” Haha it is really fun. Also, sister Huff is pandai harmonizing, so last night we sang for the other sisters after the lights were off. Life is fun with sister Huff. I am more and more thankful for Sister Guzman, though. She was at the same part of her mission as me (only three transfers left after this one) and she did an excellent job. It is true that you appreciate your parents (and trainers) more when you have to do the same thing.
This week was amazing! Some highlights were : T and H, R, and U. All are investigators, all are amazing. I love Kuching.
1. H had eye surgery on Monday but it went well! She says everything is so much brighter! When we went to see them on friday, H was rubbing her eyes with a cucumber and was wearing the biggest, selfie princess sunglasses. She is so so classy, like Audrey Hepburn but asian and about 65. T has been having a hard time reading his Book of Mormon at home because he falls asleep, so he has been driving to the library and writing notes about his chapter.He is up to 1 Nephi chapter 6 and he really loves it. I gave him a sticker for his good work and he got all giggly…or as much as this asian Clint Eastwood gets πŸ˜€ However, they moved their baptismal date to June 2015…they feel they aren’t ready and want to know everything. Obviously, that is impossible, so we’ll work on that.
2. R is our Filipino investigator. We had a miracle and got to meet with him TWICE this week! We taught him about the importance of the Book of Mormon and he is really reading it now. Then we taught him about the Word of Wisdom. He smokes and occasionally drinks, but he wants to be baptized so bad, and so he is willing to try to not smoke. After our lesson, he went home and threw away his cigarettes. Prayers for him.
3. U is a miracle new investigator. The other sisters were out knocking and they met a lady who had two copies of the Book of mormon, both in chinese. She kept asking, “Is this your church??” She has been reading the book of mormon since 2003 and has been waiting for missionaries to find her. Well, they did! because she is better in Chinese, the sisters took us over to meet her and we had an amazing lesson where we taught the restoration (me in english, sister huff in chinese) and at the end, U was saying, “this is true. I know this is true.” She came to church on Sunday and LOVED it. She is a kingdom builder and a golden investigator. She is on date for Dec 13.
Well that is about it for me! I love you all! Keep working hard, cause God Loves you! And we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so why should we be sad??
Sister Romney
All the Kuching sisters in stripes!
Sis. Huff after her pedal fell off!
The branch president and his family
Image Image 1 Image 2

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