Starting to train

Hi Hi Family of mine! This week was insane! Sister Hansen got transferred, I went to Singapore and picked up my trainee, sister Huff, and it has been a whirlwind ever since!

First let me address a question that mom had. What is Kuching Branch like? Well, it is small for one. We had 58 members in sacrament meeting on sunday, and that was pretty full. Kuching Branch is a mash up of all the other branches of Kuching because it is English speaking. So when they created it however long ago (I’m not sure when), they took everyone who spoke english well and shmooshed them together. That means a lot of our branch in Chinese, and very old. We have one family who is Bidayu (a local tribe) and they are solid members. But other than that, that is kuching branch. They are such sweet sweet people. Most of them are some of the original members of the church in kuching. Its only been here 20 years or so, so that gives you an idea of how new it is. The thing about a branch is that it is too small to do a lot of things. Like in our branch Presidency, we only have a president and one counselor. In fact, thats how most of the presidencies are. Relief Society is really small because it is only those with out callings or that are called to RS. We usually have 5 members (including P and A), plus us. Think about that next time you sit in a relief society meeting! It is just so so small. Sacrament is all in english but translated into chinese for the sake of many of our recent converts and a few members. Its not uncommon for a prayer or talk to suddenly switch to chinese. I’ve gotten very comfortable not knowing what is being said. I think it is weird to actually be able to understand a stranger’s conversation with someone else. I love our branch because all the active members really love the gospel. They are so lovable, even when they tell me I need to eat less and cycle more πŸ˜‰
OK! So here is the week in highlights. Sister Hansen didn’t sleep for two days while she was packing. That girl is insane. But we were able to get a lot of appointments we wouldn’t have been able to because we pulled the excuse of “SISTER HANSEN IS LEAVING!” We had a really busy tuesday, none of which was sister Hansen packing. She ended up staying up all night doing it. Poor dear. We flew to Singapore on Wednesday morning and spent the whole day, once we got there, just in the mission office waiting for everyone’s new companion, or in my case, waiting for my 6:30 trainer’s meeting. We got to see sooo many missionaries that I miss so much! I was such a wreck seeing this person and that person and mustering up enough emotion to love them all. Haha I’m sure I looked like a blonde Tasmanian devil running from one missionary to the next.
The trainer’s meeting was so good! This whole time I have been thinking of how I can be a better trainer than the last time with Sister Bradfield. She turned out amazing, but I don’t think it is because of anything I did. I have more experience than last time and it almost feels like more pressure. Ignorance is bliss, and I am not quite as ignorant as i was a nine months ago. But I was so fortunate that Sister Boyter, half the office couple, forgot to book me a hotel room, because I got to sleep in her and elder Boyter’s apartment! It was so much fun! I absolutely adore the Boyters. I feel like they are grandparents out here for all the missionaries. But that is just the senior couples in general. They rocketh.
Bright and early Thursday morning, we went to the meeting that we would meet our trainees. Now here’s the thing…I had a sneaking suspicion I would be training a chinese sister. There were 5 coming in and only 4 sisters who knew chinese training them. Since our branch is so chinese, it was in the back of my mind. Well the meeting goes as meeting do and the last 5 minutes of this 2 hour meeting is when we find the assignments. I had already “Picked” my trainee in a sense…I thought it would be a girl from China since she already spoke it. Alas and alack, I was wrong. I guess I DONT receive revelation like unto President Mains after all πŸ˜€ My Trainee is Sister Huff! She is 19, from South Jordan Utah, and is half Taiwaneese, and already speaks pretty good in mandarin conversation. Lucky Lucky, because as everyone knows, I am not.
Our flight to Kuching took the rest of the day since we had to go through KL. We were greeted by the Senior Couples to take us home, such a blessing. Except I get really car sick now. After a year of not being in a car everyday, I’ve lost the feel for it. Home is just a short jog from the airport, so that was not a big deal. Since then we have just been trying to get everything done. Sister Huff needed a bike, we needed to weekly plan, we needed to buy a few things so we could eat AND we had to try and still function as missionaries and teach the gospel. We did manage to teach T and H. The ride out there was really hard for sister Huff, but she is a champion and muscled through it.She is SO prepared to be a missionary.
Church was great! T and H came. H is having eye surgery today, so we hope we can still see them this week. We also got to meet an Elder who served here 20 years ago and was the first Malay speaking elder. He married a local and they have lived in Utah for ages, but came back to baptize their youngest daughter. It was cool to hear how it was back then, like biking 5 hours to teach one lesson. Ya, we don’t do that anymore haha.
Well thats it for me this week! I love this work more and more each day. Its nice to have sister Huff to keep me young πŸ˜‰ I’m considered an “Old” Missionary now. But having kids keep your on your toes, right? Haha I love you all! Have a good week!
Sister Romney
Sister Romney & Sis Huff
Image 1
caught in a rain stormImage 2
Elder Boyter- Awesome Office missionary who has been such a big helpImage 3Β More rainImage 4
Fried Chicken feetImage 5
Last night before transfersImage 6
Sis. Huff and HaleyImage 7

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