Seeing a different area and Deepaval!

Hey fammy-fam! I love you all! I miss you too! This week I redid the wall in my office. I put up a bunch of pictures of all of you on my wall and then a bunch of pictures of Jesus. The words that go with it are “do it for them…and do it for him.” You are a lot of my motivation for working hard every day, just so you know. I think about you right before I go to sleep, and often throughout the day I calculate what time it is over in Washington and think about what you are all doing. It helps me get moving because I know you are too 😀

This week was really great! (I know I sound like a broken record when I say this every week…but thats because being a missionary is the best.) Poor sister Hansen has been wickedly sick all transfer with swollen sinuses and, in the last few days, a torrential head ache. She is a total trooper, still goes out to do work and every thing. I really admire her.
So Wednesday was my most favorite holiday of all time: DEEPAVALI!! It is the Indian festival of lights. It was crazy last year in KL and Little India in Singapore was gearing up for it when I left. The real shame is that there are very few Indians here, and it isn’t a public holiday. And since I left all my indian clothes in storage in Singapore, I couldn’t even dress up for it. *Sigh* Sister Romney Problems, right? We are fortunate enough that the branch president of Batu Kawa branch, president G, is an indian and loves to feed missionaries. His wife, sister H, is an Iban, but she has adopted the culture of her husband in a lot of ways, so we went to his house and ate reaaaallly good indian food. It was fun, but it made me miss my indians in the rest of my mission (especially KL).
We had such a miracle on Thursday. After we finished companionship study, we were calling through all the potential investigators that were saved in our phone. These are people were contacted by missionaries and gave the missionaries their number. A lot of the numbers were really really old, so they were out of service. A lot of them were no longer interested, which is also sad. We were looking for someone to meet with us that night because our plans fell through. One lady, named D, agreed instantly, which was AMAZING! Most people will give us the excuse that they are too busy to meet, when really they aren’t interested. It would be better if they just told us how they felt and then we could stop bugging them. It would save SO much time. But people are just so polite here. Anyway, D agreed straightway to meet at 8 o’clock. SCORE! Well we got there a little before 8 and she wansn’t there yet. The minutes ticked by and we were really worried that she was going to stand us up. She finally came at 8:20, apologizing profusely for being late.  As soon as we introduced our selves, she said she needed a favor. I was SO nervous for a second because favors missionaries can give a few and far between for the people here, usually they need money and we can’t give that. However she was asking if we could help her because she teaches an English class and she needs native speaking english people to speak to her students later in november. Totally can! We then proceeded to get to know her. She is amazingly prepared to hear this gospel. She has a couple of friends who are members and she was asking all the right questions, like where do we come from, what is the priesthood, where do we go after we die, stuff like that. She is amazing and want to meet again. We are toally seeing miracles here.
I went on exchanges with sister Coward on friday! Oh what an experience that was. First off, sister Coward is a great friend of Sister Bradfield, and is also from New Zealand, so it was just like I was with my favorite Kiwi again! She is really funny and a hoot to be with. We were also in a local area, sentosa branch. Because Sister Hansen and I are in the international branch and teach people who speak english, we teach people who are very well educated and usually a bit more well off. Not that they are who we target, but that is just who speaks english here. Going into the Kampongs (Villages) of Sarawak showed me a completely new side to things. The people are just so poor, they live in cement houses if they are rich and wooden plywood houses over dirty rivers if they aren’t. We mostly stayed in the nicer areas, but even then, I was just amazed. I have been truly blessed my whole life to have a father who understand the value of hard work and a mother who taught me to be fugal with my spending. I think those are two principles a lot of these people were never taught. It is just the culture, but the church has a lot of things in place to help that and help people help themselves.
We taught one of our investigators this week named S. He is from Sri Lanka and is buddhist. VERY buddhist. I get tired when I talk to him because it requires all my brain power. The way he reasons doesn’t make sense to me because I understand the nature of god and the plan of salvation. I had a great realization though, when he was talking about where we go after we die, or in his case, when your life cycles finish and you aren’t reincarnated anymore. He believes we will just be souls, or really formless entities capable of learning, but that we won’t have bodies because we don’t need them. As he was talking I was really seeking the Holy Ghost’s guidance because I didn’t know how to answer him. Then it just hit me. If you have a brain sitting on a table, it can learn anything it wants, but it can’t do anything. You could teach it how to do algebra, or build a house or create a paper airplane, but it could DO anything about it. That is why we will have glorified bodies. They wont be plauged with what we are now, like illness and hunger, but they will be able to progress. Not just how we think of it, but truly creating worlds with out end. I’m really excited for that day. That realization gave me such a testimony of the celelstial kingdom. Shan didn’t really get it, but meh, whatever. Haha
Coming up this saturday is A and P’s baptism! We are so so excited for them!
Well I love you all family! Keep being good and praying for the missionaries! We need it 😀
Sister Romney
1. Who else but P and A 😀
2. Me and President G’s RM son, P, at Deepavali Party. He declared this the “sister Romney” stance.
3. Some members of Sentosa branch, out in the Kampongs
4. Sitting on the floor…which is just a piece of plywood about 10 feet in the air. SCARY! and my feet go numb sitting crosslegged o_O
5. Biking with my Second favorite Kiwi
Image Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4

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