Busy, busy, busy!!!!!

Ni Hao Ma, my wonderful family!
I love you all so much! I feel like we just talked yesterday! I’m not sure what made this week fly by so much, but I’m glad I get to hear from you all again. Now that I’m on the downslide of my mission, I think I miss you all more because the anticipation of seeing you again is killing me. I hate thinking about my plans for after the mission, but I LOVE thinking about all of you! Ok, so maybe I’m a teeny bit trunky…but I’m working on it. Kuching is keeping me PLENTY busy and sister Hansen is working me hard, so I don’t have a lot of time to be trunky, exactly like I need.
A lot of you have asked me what East Malaysia is like. I told dad, so I just copied t his from my email to him. East Malaysia is way different. Less Muslim than I would have thought. West Malaysia is the MOST muslim I think.  Lots of christians here, which is good for us. Kuching isn’t really jungle, at least the parts we go to. But some suberbs are a little bit, so when I go on exchanges in another area I might see that. There are just a lot more trees and wild life. Sometimes in the middle of no where there is just a plot of land over grown in a mini jungle. Its really random, but so fun to see. We have so many bugs and nasty things in our apartment and outside of it, but most of the time, we just squish them. jumping spiders are my least favorite so far. They jump away right at the shoe hits! It is the worst!! I also work with elder pierce, like, every day. We are in the same branch, so we see each other all the time…with our companions of course. In fact, he is right across from me right now! Haha the deal is, they teach those who prefer chinese, and we teach those who speak good enough english.
This week was beasty busy for lessons. We taught 9 lessons to investigators! That is a new record for sister Hansen and me! A lot were doubled up to the same investigators, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, right? We met a few former investigators and we got two new investigators! Both of them were member referrals, so that is even better. Even if you think your friends aren’t paying attention or aren’t “prepared,” they are because they have been your friend and noticed what makes you different. I bet they have questions. We are really excited at how the work is picking up here in Kuching. When I came to Kuching, the branch had only one convert baptism. Now we have had three and hopefully two more before the transfers ends, and MANY more before the year ends.
Of course, the highlight of my week was A. She is just so amazing! I totally believe that I was transferred to Kuching so I could know and teach A. She is so willing to give it all to Jesus. We taught her Word of Wisdom and the only problem she had was Green Tea, but she gave it up, no worries. PS I remember there always being a debate about what type of teas are ok. Here in asia, tea is bigger that coffee, so the rule is that if it is tea of the FLOWER, it is ok. So like rose tea or herbal teas. It is LEAF tea that is not good, like green tea or black tea or whatever else. Just a tidbit of asia information for you 😀 Anyway, We met saw a 5 out of the 7 days this week, only three for lessons. The other two times were with P, the red haired investigator of the elders. Those two became besties instantly and it is really good. P is struggling to tell her family about her baptism, but she knows it is true, and A has already done that but needs encouragement to read her Book of Mormon. They balance each other out nicely. We gave A mock interview for baptism and she is ready. We will just be strangthening her testimony and re teaching some principles for this week. Her date is kind of all over the place because President Bobby, the one who referred her and her good friend, will baptize her, but will be out of town on the 1st. I think the plan she is thinking of will be the morning of halloween. I guess she really likes that idea! Haha I’m in, because transfers is November 5th and we both want to be here for it 😀
Well thats it for me! I love you all! Have an amazing week!
Sister Romney
Riding in Kuching-That’s Sis. Hansen in the picture.   The gentleman on the left is a new convert
Image Image 1
Two of our investigators!Image 2

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