Life decisions and great investigators

Hey Family!!

So sorry for the pathetic email last week. It was just a really interesting time. I spent too much time looking at old pictures of the mission instead of writing you. And I’m not used to an hour and a half only for non STL stuff now, so that is why…

This week was a pretty good one! The highlight was that we got to watch conference, something we didn’t find out about until friday morning 🙂 Haha oh the ways of east malaysia, planning isn’t really a thing here. HOwever, I”ll talk more about that later 😀

Its been raining a lot here. It is the rainy season, as opposed to the dry season. It rains every day for about an hour or two. We try to not get caught in it so we don’t get sick and so we stay looking nice, rather than drowned rats. However, we don’t look all that nice to begin with, so not much difference. THe worst is when we get soaked and then have to sit in an air-con building, because we FREEZE. Poor sister hansen has had a stuffy nose since I got here because of it. EVERYONE gets sick in rainy season. I have yet to and I hope it stays that way.

We taught 5 lessons this week to our investigators, which is really good for us here! Being an english missionary in East Malaysia makes for interesting things to do. We try to do normal contacting things, but a lot of people speak little english here. The ones who do speak english are either really old, from when english was manditory (LIke 70 years ago) or are under 25 and chinese. The three investigators I am MOST excited about are A, T, and H.

So I think I’ve told you all about A before. She is 21, chinese, and a referral from our branch president, President Bobby! He gave us her number my first day in Kuching and we have met with her twice a week since. Well anyway, she is amazingly prepared and open to this message. She was worried about what her mom would say, because she is methodist, but her mom just wanted her to learn more and really be sure, but would be ok with it. MIRACLE right there! Plus A has been praying and feeling the power of the Holy Ghost in her life and really likes it. We put her on date our second lesson with her, and in the last one we had, we asked if that is still what she wants because it is in two weeks. AND SHE SAID YES!! Haha this is way better than any engagement or christmas present. From first contact to baptism, it will be 4 weeks. Amazing right? God really is preparing people for us to teach in ALL languages. WE have a goal to have 7 baptisms from the sisters before the end of the year and we are going to slam it. Everyone thinks we cannot because we speak english only, but we can, because its what God wants us to do, therefore, it shall be done 😀

The second and Third investigators are T and H. They are about 70 years old, like most of our branch 😀 T was met by some Bahasa speaking elders in sentosa branch and then passed them to us. T used to be a pilot for malaysia air and is the Asian equivalent of Clint Eastwood. Pretty soft spoken but is really sly and cool. I really really like him. His wife died three years ago and he has 5 kids all grown up. He and H are “partners” because they aren’t married, and in their words, they “take care of each other,” which makes sense because they are old. They are just really really cute together. We taught them the plan of salvation and T got really introspective about kingdoms of glory and temple sealings here on earth and a bit teary, in a Clint Eastwood kind of way. I think he will go the distance to the font and beyond. H is very Roman Catholic, but follows T to lots of churches. She asks lots of questions, and is very aware of what she believes. We need to teach her restoration very soon. However, we put them both on date to be baptized for November 29th of this year. They can make it, no worries. The hardest thing will be that they aren’t married, but we don’t know if they are “breaking” the law of chastity, per say. That is a worry for another lesson though. 😀

OK!! So General Conference!! Holy amazing!! We got to watch all the sessions (except priesthood) and I got some really good notes. I watched the whole thing with the intent of receiving revelations. As you know, I only have 6 months left of my mission, so its time to start thinking about life after the mission. I’ve really been pondering about whether I should continue at Eastern or transfer to BYU. Something that Jackson said made me think about it. At first I was like “heck no,” because I was still a bit bummed about the last time BYU rejected me. However, the more I thought about it, the more it would make sense based on my hopes for the rest of my life. I just wasn’t sure if the sacrifice of transferring would be worth it. I took the matter to the Lord in an attitude of prayer and fasting and General Conference. All of saturday, I was wondering, “how can I apply this talk to me and school?” A lot of the talks were about supporting and prophet and family history and stuff, so I was at a loss. And then in the last talk of Saturday Afternoon, I just got this impression I should attend, no matter the sacrifice, BYU. It wasn’t anything the speaker said, it was just a thought. All of Sunday sessions were trying to confirm that. I loved Elder Godoy’s talk (speakers speaking in their native tongues?? How cool is that??) about considering the promised blessing of your patriarchal blessing. I studied that after we got home sunday night and prayed about it again and I feel that BYU is where I need to be. I am hoping that by announcing this to the world, Heavenly Father will keep his promise. I mean, he always does, but now there are witnesses 😉

I’m really excited about this week coming up! We have a lot of great things happening for A, T and H and ALL of our investigators. We are going to work to get more so that we can meet this goal of 7 in only 2 months 😀 God our strength will be!

I love you all! Have a good week!

Sister Romney

The first picture is celebrating one year mark and the second is a sweet girl that is one of Elder Pierce’s investigators!

Image 3 Image 1


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