In Kuching

Hello Family!

So I’m in Kuching, East Malaysia, in case you missed the email last week 😀 It is really amazing here. I got here on Wednesday. I flew over with Elder Sessions, who transferred from Singapore also. He was actually my District Leader there and also is here. It was a quick flight, but it was nice to be with a Bahasa speaker, just to be safe. However, it was so chill, not even a big deal. Sister Fa and Sister Lenahart dropped me off before picking up my replacement, Sister Parcell. Then they picked up the Newbies. Transfers changed from Thursday to Wednesday, so we were kind of frazzled with the change.
Wednesday evening we just unpacked my stuff and then rode only 10 minutes to a close by indian restaurant, called Bombay. Oi vey, how my buns hurt!! its kind of been that was for this whole time…hurt buns aching legs. All we ride is hills. I”m using Sister Leavitt’s bike, which is actually elder Chong’s old bike, its old, but works pretty well. I have this really ghetto head lamp turned headlight I use in the front and a small flashing one in the back. I need to buy more, but I’m ok for now. I also have this lovely helmet I get to wear everyday. I really hate helmat hair, especially since my hair is long. I just have to wear it in a braid or low bun to keep it off me. Its annoying as all get out, but I’ll get over it. I also forget how much I sweat. Every day is just dripping. I guess its just suffering shame for His name,  ya?
The work here is so great! Just on Wednesday, our branch president, President B, called us with the phone number of one of his friends. Her name is A. We called her up and invited her to the baptism the elders had on Saturday. She said she would let us know if she could come. Turns out she COULD and we had a lesson with her before. We gave her a tour of the church and then taught her about baptism, so she could understand why we do it. She isn’t really christian, but has attended a methodist church before. She didin’t really like it because she felt like a stranger there. When we asked her how she felt in the church here, she said it felt warm and friendly and like home. Thanks to the Spirit for testifying to her. She had a great experience at the baptism and came to church yesterday. She is really solid and we think she could totally get baptized this transfer. She is soooo prepared. We will hopefully be seeing her friday or saturday and then again on sunday at church.
Well thats it for me. Sorry this is so short. It is really so indescribably amazing to be a missionary. I love it. It has really solidified my testimony. I cannot and will not ever leave this gospel, because that would just be dumb. I feel like I know my saviour very personally now and understand the concept of repentance and faith. I know who my heavenly father is and what he expects of me and I want to live up to those expectations. I love the Book of Mormon (even the Isaiah chapters) and learn from it all the time. I am so excited for these last 6 months and just want to work my buns off (not hard if I stay on this blasted bike). I know the worth of a soul, including mine. I just want to share this message with everyone I can. I know this Gospel is true. I know the church of jesus chirst of latter day saints in God’s kingdom established on the earth. I love you all. I’ll see you soon.
Sister Romney



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