Biggest news of the week: I am being transferred to Kuching international branch in east malaysia! After a whopping six months in the Ang Mo Kio Ward, in the Singapore Stake, serving as a Sister Training Leader, I am packing up my life and moving to east malaysia! I’m really excited to see what Kuching is like and see what I can offer to the branch. Also, I’m excited to learn some Bahasa, because my speaking skills have gone away from Bahasa to chinese these last 6 months. It will be exciting to see what its like. ALSO! I’ll be back on a bike, which I am SOOO excited for. But anyway, more on that next week!

This week was amazing! We had zone conference on tuesday. It was all centered on how we can increase our faith to see miracles. We have a goal in the Mission of 545 baptisms this year and we aren’t even half way there yet. However, president did some math to show us how it will still work out. He also bore his powerful testimony that we can still achieve his goal by improving our teaching skills and our faith. We taught a training on teaching repentance to our investigators along side the sister training leaders from West Malaysia, so it was really east to do. It was just SOO good!!
The second best part of our week was our lesson with H. Oh. My. Heck. She is so amazing. Because she is so new to christianity, we are taking it nice and slow with her. We spent our whole lesson on the Godhead, explaining who everyone is, the role of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost and how they are three separate beings with one purpose. We spent more time on Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. She was really attentive and was really soaking it up. When we asked her questions about what she was understanding, it was great! The spirit was so strong in the lesson. We were so nervous going into it because we weren’t sure how she would react, but it was going well. then came the end of the lesson where we gave her what is called a “soft baptism commitment.” We just ask “When you come to know these things are true, will you be baptized like Jesus Christ?” So I ask it, then we pause and wait for her. Oh we were sweating bullets. She simply replied, “I want to learn more, but when I know, I will.” After she left the lesson, we all were fist bumping and hugging and dancing…probably similar to how the seahawks fans reacted when they won the superbowl. It was an amazing experience.
The last best part of this week was church yesterday. It was a bad sunday for our key indicators because we only had S and K at church, but man, the spirit was so powerful. It was an amazing Sunday Service. The speakers were great, Gospel Principles class rocked, RS was amazing, and members brought us dinner including Lays Cheddar Cheese and sour cream chips. I submit it was the best sunday ever. A good note to leave Ang Mo Kio on!
I’m sorry this email is so short! Next week will be better! I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Romney
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