Chinese sister for a day=chinese name

Hello my family!!

This week was seemingly very fast. However, that is cause we did so much! We had two exchanges, a day in Indonesia to renew the visa, a day with Sister Tan running all over Singapore, Zone meeting, and as the icing on the cake, two new investigators.
SO! Monday (last email day) we met up for lunch with a member named A and her friend, H, who we went to the zoo with ages ago. It was a great lunch. We got to know H on a missionary level, like her religious background, her beliefs, stuff like that. She is technically buddhist, but isn’t practicing, and like like most chinese people, believes in herself and her own hard work to earn things. Chinese people are VERY hard working, which I think more of the world could use. However, a lot of times, they would rather rely on them selves over anyone, God included. However, H was very open to the Book or Mormon (has read it every night) and actually came to stake conference, which was awesome. We are super excited about her.
Our second new investigator is S. She grew up in America in the home of an LDS family between bouts of school in Japan. So she is full Japanese, but acts like an American. She is here working for Apple, so she is technically an Ex-Pat. We found her because she litterally bumped into a member of our ward and they talked. She has already come to church and stake conference and the RS mooncake making activity. We had a great lesson asking if she knew anything about the church. Well, she doesn’t really. She didn’t speak very good English when she was first there, but she still attended church activities and stuff, including Early morning seminary. She knows words like Baptism, but doesn’t know what it means. She is really ready for this. The next day we had another appointment with her where we passed her off to the sisters in 4th ward, the expat ward. She would do really well there because she is missing home and wants friends. There are lots of nice americans who will take good care of her while she is here. It was sad to pass her though, she is a kingdom builder for sure.
In other news this week, I went to Indonesia on thursday to renew my visa. Everything went well with the visa and I only spent 20 Sing on some really cool wooden elephants. They will look great on my bookshelf someday 😀 We also had a great Zone meeting on tuesaday, where our district sang “A child’s prayer.” Sister Fa and I did the First verse and all four of our elders did the second. When we sang together, there were some really cool harmonies. However, I was stuck singing the soprano part because I don’t know how to harmonize or play the piano, so that was rough. Lots of prayers were said and no one covered their ears, so it worked for the venue. I hate singing for people. In the house and for investigators, can. Anywhere else or for a muscial number? no thanks.
I was a chinese sister for a day this week!! That was so much fun! We taught lots of chinese people so I got really good at the words for “Good” and “Correct” and “Can.” I was also given a great chinese name: Lu Jie Mie. Jie Mie is chinese for older sister and younger sister, thus, sister together. Lu comes from the chinese phrase for “Happy” and “Joyful” so it is really special to me. So it is pronounced “Luh, Jie May.” Cool aye? I also gave two chinese boys english names. One is Jamie (it was already james, so we shortened it). Another one wanted a good strong name, and when he didn’t accept “Asher” or “Daniel” and the like, I offered up “Jackson” and “Mac.” Well he and his mom REALLY like “Jackson,” so it stuck 😀
Well thats all for me! Zone Conference is Tomorrow, so we are going to the beach today with all the missionaries from West Malaysia today! Should be fun!!
Sister Romney
Image Image 1
This is the fan dance to make the no bake cookies dry faster as are all the others in this night shirt.
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