Ups and Downs of missions

Hello Family!!

This week was full of ups and downs. We also had a lot of meetings and only one exchange. We have zone conference next week, which we are excited about, so even more meetings. The transfer is half way over and the last quarter of the year has started. Its kind of insane over here in the Singapore mission!

Probably the first crazy thing is about the culture here. I love it!! Singapore has the biggest chinese influence in all the mission. Most Singaporeans are only a few generations from China, like their Grandparents or great grandparents came over. As such, a lot of the Chinese cultures are still very strong! The month of August is called the “Hungry Ghost” Festival. As is the ways of the Chinese Culture, family and your ancestors are a BIG deal. The Hungry Ghost Festival is where families give offerings of food, because in the eighth month, the spirits of their ancestors come back to earth. And you don’t want to keep your ancestors hungry, cause that would just be rude. They swam from china after all!! So on the sides of roads and in parks and next to flats we just see random plates of fruit, breads, bowls of rice and the like with joysticks and incense burning next to it. And don’t you dare step your big white feet there! There are ghosts eating after all!! 😉 Its really interesting. Well it is also the time of mooncakes! Mooncakes are thick paste (usually lotus, but also red bean, yam and other such Asian flavors) wrapped and fryed in a thin dough. If you get a big one, they have one or two egg yolks in them, which I don’t really like. However, I have eaten SOOO many of them, I am just getting used to it. We also made them for an RS activity, and are delivering them to our investigators and less actives. It is GREAT!! Today is the mooncake festival, but last night was the lantern walk. Everyone just walks down the street for hours with lanterns of some sort. I think it is to guide your ancestors back to where ever the heck they came from. It was cool to see lots of lights and sounds last night as people walked done Potong Pasir avenue 1!!

In other news, this week was kind of hard for missionary work. We had a lot of our investigators cancel appointments and we had to drop a few. Our teaching pool is much smaller now, but the ones we dropped we weren’t meeting with. They were just not interested or too busy. They will be found someday in the future when they are ready again. We visited a few former investigators to try and refill our funnel, but no dice so far. They are still not ready or too busy or just not interested. We have a lot more to go, so it will be ok. Sister Fa is also a master MRT contacter, something I’m working on. Hopefully those people will be interested, and hopefully I will get better at contacting. I don’t know why I don’t like it. I just have to buckle down and do it. People are usually pretty nice here, especially because I’m white and Blonde. What Uncle Brett said when I got my mission call is somewhat accurate 😀

We only taught three lessons to investigators next week, but MLC was really great. We had Elder Funk and Elder Allen with us. Elder Allen is the managing Director for the missionary department and has been for 17 years, so he is pretty fluent in missionary work. He gave us a real wake up call when it came to our efforts in the mission. He was really blunt and honest, which was good. I appreciate it more now than in the high counsel room though. Some of the things he said stung upon impact, especially given our improvement as a mission in the last three months, but they have sunk in now and will fuel our last three months and our next Zone conference, next week. I think it will be on faith, which is SO inspired by President Mains. He is a smart guy. It is really great to work closely with him and Sister Mains.

This week we have a lot of great potential investigators to meet, so hopefully that will work out. It always does, sometime just not in the way we would think. We also have two exchanges, and I get to be in Singapore Second Ward, aka the CHINESE ward! Haha we just got chinese sisters this transfer, so I’m excited to do a chinese language study and try to talk in Chinese 😀 Should be an experience 😉

I love you all! Have an awesome week!
Sister Romney



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