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Ni hao ma!!

My many apologies again for last week’s pathetic email, as promised, I hope you find this one nice and fat, because it is full of my love 😀
SOO! Riding an elephant! Yes I did that! I also fed one! That was way fun! Elephants don’t move very fast and we didn’t go very far, so really, it was fine. I was in more danger riding my bike in Penang, honestly. Haha It was a once in a lifetime experience. The whole ordeal lasted MAYBE two minutes, though. We just hop on, walk a circle in the enclosure, and hop off. However, the mahout (elephant rider guy) was really nice to talk to. After watching the elephant show, I’m seriously considering for a career path. As long as there are elephants to be ridden, there will always be mahouts!! Haha
Also at the zoo I touched my first alive snake! IT WAS SOOO GROSS!!! I don’t know why God made snakes. They are just creepy crawlies and they feel worse alive than they do as boots or a bag. They aren’t slimy or anything, but it was just weird. I almost slapped it when I touched it. The trainers didn’t like that.
The rest of our week was a bit crazy. Tuesday was district meeting and it was the last with two of elders, Elder Toilalo (from my MTC group) and Elder To’angatu, because they were denied visas and had to leave in under two weeks. They are now serving in their home countries of Australia and New Zealand, respectively. I miss them a lot because they were some great elders. Both were Polynesian, so between them and sister fa, district meeting was pretty much a luau, minus the roasted pigs and stuff. I hope they are doing ok.
Sister Lenhart was sick ALL WEEK!! Seriously! After our escapade at the Zoo, she had the world’s most swollen gland. We went to a clinic on tuesday and she was diagnosed with tonsillitis and given a whole cocktail of drugs for this and that. I stayed home with her while sister Fa split with a sister in our ward to take care of our appointments. That was really nice about a trio. Wednesday was exchanges, and sister Lenhart was still not better, so while I went to the third ward, Sister Fa and Sister Willis took care of things in AMK while Sister Lenhart slept a member’s house all day. Thursday was a planning day, so we just stayed home until we had a meeting at 7, and Saturday was another exchange, except me in AMK with Sister Opatha from Sri Lanka. Sister Lenhart went to stay with a different member again. It was a week full of resting for her, but we still met almost all of our goals. She is much better now. We went to then hospital on friday and they gave her new antibiotics and she has improved A LOT since then. She is almost 100% now, which we are thankful for. Missionary work is hard when your body wont let you do it. Safe to say, we have cut A LOT of hearts while she was resting…we will have to heart attack more people now 😀 YAY!
So yesterday, Sunday, was a really cool day. We were in charge of the 5th sunday, 3rd hour presentation. Almost all the wards had the missionaries in charge, which was really cool! We are going to excite the members of Singapore until Singapore is BAPTIZED!! Haha but really. Our members are already desiring to do missionary work, so our presentation focused on the HOW of it all. We talked about the importance of bearing natural testimony. Brother  K, a rock star member, helped us with that one, meaning he did it all. Haha the doctrine is that when a friend asks what you did on sunday, you tell them what you did and then share your honest feelings of why you like church or whatever. You ARE NOT obligated to teach them about the book of mormon, the restoration, kingdoms of glory, and the temple. By simply giving them the answers to what they have and adding your simple natural testimony, they can desire more knowlege. Then you introduce them to the missionaries and they do the teaching. Teaching is ALL we do, so we are pretty good at it.
The Second point was just a follow up to the first. Brother T was introduced to the church this way and now has been baptized 4 years, sealed in the temple and him and his wife, Jing, have a BEAUTIFUL baby boy. He has a strong testimony, which is cool.
Last we talked about the difference between members and missionaries. How we are m&ms! MEMBERS AND MISSIONARIES!!! Haha, get it? It was great to make our roles clear. The members aren’t obligated to teach, so they don’t have to fear talking to their friends. We are here to help them. Overall, it was a great meeting. At the beginning, everyone wrote down 5 names of their friends. Next week they are fasting to know which one is ready to hear the gospel. By October 1, everyone should have a friend prepared to meet the missionaries. It is a great work and a wonder indeed.
Well, thats it for me! I love you all so much! I couldn’t sleep last night and I thought about how I get to skype you all in 3 months and hug you in 7….STRANGE! I’m not trunky, don’t you worry. I just can’t wait to see how tall Mac is 😉
Sister Romney



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