A very late letter


Hi family! My deepest apologies that this is soooo late. We had a crazy day today and had to email at a different time. We picked up Sister lenhart, a sister who has been home for surgery the last 4 months, from the airport at midnight. I am now in my third trio in AMK and my 4th for the mission. THen we had plans to go to the zoo with a member and her friend to ride elephants (which i did!!) More on that next week, promise. you will get a nice fat email then. as for now, it will be pretty short so we can finish pday on time.


this week was so good, as usual 😉 We didn’t hit our goal for member present lessons, but that is only because two of our investigators were sick. we exceeded our goal for new investigators, which was rad. their names are p c and J. peter was on the potentials list which we called through and he was all willing to meet. 


J was met by sister fa on the train. he was really standoffish at first because he thought that our message couldn’t help him, but after some persuasion over the phone, he decided to meet with us and we gave him a book of mormon. he is really sarcastic and very sceptical, but could be gold. who knows?


we also had an exchange where i got to be with sister rama in CCK ward. she is from madagascar! we had lots of great plans, and as great plans usually do, they fell through. however, i was impressed with her diligence and zeal to fill our day. so instead, we went home before our dinner appointment and worked on some member books. this 5th sunday, all the missionaries in all the wards in Singapore will be giving a lesson in hopes to get more member referrals. we are super jazzed about in for AMK.


well i love you all!! Sorry again for the suck-ocity of this email, but i will be for sure ready to chat next week, regualar time 🙂 I love you all!! Thank you for all your prayers.




Sister Romney


PS please email me again next week personally, even though i didn’t respond today. i have pictures and will be reading them tonight 😀


PPS i will send LOTS of pictures next week too!!
Image Image 1



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