New missionaries came in!

Hey Family!
I apologize if this doesn’t make a lot of sense or if there are a few typos. I am FREEZING in our kadai, and my fingers don’t really want to move to type. So again, many apologies.

This week was so great! The members rejoiced when they got the news all four of us missionaries were staying! Haha I love that I have been in AMK for so long, because I really know these members so well. Its like family!
So the new missionaries came in! Its my favorite day! We got 20 new missionaries and the poor dears looked so exhausted. I am NOT excited to make that flight again. But they were all so excited to be here. It was pouring rain, so we had to move our vans around to get their luggage in before taking them on the hour long MRT ride to the stake center. I totally thought we left behind two sisters at one of the train switches, so I was freaking out for about half an hour. But then we found that they were safe and sound with a nice chinese auntie who was showing them where to go. Thank goodness for the angels heavenly father sends to make up for our human weaknesses.

The meeting we give to the new missionaries is about 4 to 5 hours long to try and adjust them to Singapore time. Honestly, they probably don’t remember it ( I don’t remember mine) but thats ok. they teach most of it again in about a month in ANOTHER meeting. We have lots of those here 🙂 We got to take the sisters to get settled in a nearby vacant missionary apartment, and it was so great to get to know them. Only one stayed in Singapore, but I am so excited about it, because she is a hipster philosopher who is my new favorite human. Haha I love ALL of them and hope to see them again. It was funny to see the trainers too, because a few of them I picked up from the airport too. I guess that means I’m old, eh?

Our second day meeting is only two hours long, but since we had so many missionaries to get settled, it went late and sister fa and I had to reschedule an appointment with V. Unfortunately for us, she got sick on the day of the reschedule, so we didn’t have the opportunity to meet with her this week. We have kept in contact though, so she is doing ok. We also had to cancel an appointment Wednesday because a sister from Malaysia was coming in to be set apart before her mission in Philippines, so we got to spend time with her too. However, we didn’t have time for S and K. But we did meet with them on sunday, so that worked out nicely.

Even though we had SO many cancellations of appointments and crazy stuff, we still exceeded our goal for member present lessons. That was a huge miracle. Its like the lord is laboring with us or something! Haha while we were in meetings and going crazy, he was working on our area! SO GOOD! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!
We had a super great sunday evening with the A family. They fed us some really nice claypot rice and soup with fish ball and tofu. Yup…that is what I eat now. Haha and strangely enough, I like it A LOT! They also gave us this really nice ginger root tea. Call me asian and slap me on a computer, I love singapore.
Its fun to spend time with the a’s because m a reminds me of dad…in fact, I think dad will be m in about 13 years. He is super successful in his own business, he loves his wife and the missionaries and he wears crocs. Yup its great.

Well I love you all! Have a super great week!
Sister Romney

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