Staying for another transfer

Hey family!

I’M STAYING IN ANG MO KIO WITH SISTER FA!!!!! We are so excited!!

I love hearing about your lives! Especially the escapade with curry! Before I come home, I will have to get a recipe for curry chicken or something, because it is heaven to me. I’m VERY excited to teach yous the PROPER way to eat naan! Haha

This week was a very spiritually tiring week. We had great lessons and actually exceeded our goal. We also got two wonderful new investigators. The problem is that they are ALL WOMEN! Haha I guess its pretty natural for us as sisters to teach women because we understand them and can relate, but Singapore really needs more priesthood holders so it can split into two stakes. I guess we will have to work on that, ooooor get the elders on it! Something really unique in our mission is that in all the wards and branches they have at least two sets of missionaries. In Singapore they are elders and sisters, as well as in certain areas in west and east malaysia. Its cool to see the work hastening πŸ™‚ We are getting 18 missionaries into the mission in just a few days. 14 elders, and 4 sisters. Haha its GREAT! We have had a lot of big groups departing, so it should fill in some holes nicely.

Anyway, our week…so we had a great week, again. J is doing amazing. We have been kind of baffled at what to do with him because he just isn’t opening his heart to us or to the church. I guess it makes sense because G (his wife) told us how ages ago a couple of church members who he went into business with took his money and ran. One is in jail now, but one isn’t. That would be really hard to have faith in a church where members do things like that. We taught Lehi’s vision in 1 nephi 8 to them yesterday and had the whole family sketch out their own idea of it. they really took thought about how to do it, including J. He is an architect, so he has some skills at drawing. After we finished reading the chapter and looked at their drawings, we explained the symbolism behind everything. When we said that the tree of life was the love of God and the rod of iron is the WORD of God, he got all quiet and ponderous. I think he connected WHY we read the scriptures…its so we can feel the love of God and partake of the goodness of the fruit. Then we talked about the different types of people who Lehi saw. Those who press forward and partake of the fruit, and then leave it, especially made him think. It was a really good lesson. We feel like we made some real progress!!

So P! We have some mixed emotion news. Last Tuesday we went over to teach the kids again and when we asked about when we can do her interview, she was all “I’ll talk to you about it later.” Uhhhh…I felt so squirrelly…the whole lesson…not sure what was going on and all. But its ok! She just decided she needs more time to be ready. She feels like something is holding her back, and she wants to resolve that before she makes a big step like baptism. PLUS she wants to be baptized along with I, her 8 year old son, and they have some legal stuff to work out between her and her ex husband to do that. I’m so excited I get to be here to help her through one more transfer. Long story short, she is still super good πŸ™‚ October 18 in the new day!

As for the spiritually exhausting part, I guess you could say that my soul was harrowed up in repentance this week. Just sitting in MLC and later, a training with the APs and other Zone Leaders in Singapore made me feel so unqualified for being a Sister Training Leader. I just have so much repenting to do and that hit me really hard. I know I’m no vile sinner, but its the little things that bogg down our souls and that are the hardest to rid ourselves of, I think. Just little things that may not seem like a big deal. So I have started this think where I write down all my sins for the day every night in a little notebook and specifically repent of them. Then I think about them in the day so I don’t do it again. Then taking the sacrament becomes so much more crucial. I’m excited about this period of refining I’m going through. I know that growing hurts sometimes, but ultimately, thats why I came on a mission, right? No unchanged creature will want to live in the kingdom of God. Yay for change!

Well this week is my favorite: picking up the new missionaries and giving talks and trainings πŸ˜€ I’m so excited! I love you all! Have a stellar week!

Sister Romney


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