We were just like “heavenly father, can we have a new investigator?” And he was all like, “Yes sure.

Hey family!!

Remember that one time last week we talked? Well it sure felt like only a few days ago, not a whole week. This week was like unto a rock skipping across a great water…or something like that đŸ˜‰ I had a cold all this week. Go figure, I’m in the hottest, wettest country ever, and I caught a cold. How you ask? Well the week before last, it must have been on maybe friday or something, we got caught in a huge rainstorm out of our area. We were in the city, and it just POURED. In the 300 meters we walked in the rain, we somehow managed to get utterly drenched, to the bone. We were DRIPPING wet. We had to go to the mission office to drop some things off, and hopefully wait the storm out. No such luck, though. We had to get moving back to our area, and so we had to walk those 300 meters BACK to the MRT and then take a 40 minute train ride home.

The thing about Singapore is that they try to deny their environment. Singapore used to be a jungle, just 50 years ago, and now it is rare to see a tree that wasn’t put there on purpose. Along with this is their obnoxious use of Air Conditioning, affectionately called, AirCon. AirCon is EVERYWHERE!! Buses, houses, offices, malls, and most especially, the MRT. We found that out very quickly when we got on the MRT dripping wet. Oooo it was freezing. We got home and showered, no worries, but I think that is why I have a cold. I’m almost all better, just a little cough and some more snot in my nose. I have had the worst nose ever. I’m not sure how much snot could possibly fit inside my body, because my head isn’t that big. However, I must have gone through three rolls of toilet paper and four packs of tissues. Twas a nasty, snotty week. However, the work was FANTASTIC,

This week, we finished up exchanges for the transfer with a week and a half to spare. I love exchanges because I get to see more of Singapore and get to know the sisters here, but it is an interesting experience to do that and see all of our investigators. Most of the time, we have set appointments week to week; S and K Wednesday, I Tuesday, P Thursday, etc. So when we were planning for exchanges, we didn’t take that into account. A lot of weeks, i would spend wednesday in AMK and Friday out, so that means I got to teach S and K, but never V. Hence, we are excited to stay together the WHOLE week.

We had a great week for our goals. We met or exceeded all of them with the exception of new investigators. We only got one, but that is an amazing story I will now proceed to tell you. So There we are. Its Friday night and we are planning for the day ahead and we literally have no plans, except that we have to weekly plan because we had appointments on Thursday (the day we are supposed to do it). We also had no new investigators for the week, and that was a major bummer, because we really needed to increase our teaching pool. HOWEVER! WIth the lord, all things are possible. So we set the goal for one investigator lesson, one referral contacted and one new investigator. Pretty steep for an empty day. So fast forward to weekly planning on saturday. There I am, swaddled in my blanket (sister Fa likes it cold), putting sticky notes on teaching records in our area book when Sister G asks us to come and teach her husband J (our investigator) at 7:30! We of course agree wholeheartedly. As we are walking from the LRT station to their house, I’m thinking of how the heck we can get a new investigator out of this one appointment. I remembered about A, G’s sister, who stays with them. We have talked to her a fair bit and I totally thought she would be our miracle. We planned to watch “Finding Faith in Christ” with them and I was really excited about it. Its a great movie. So we get there and we see A, and talk for a bit, but she was preoccupied taking care of her niece, who is only 2. G’s friend, S was there as well. She looked really familiar to me, but I didn’t know why. Well we are ready to start to movie and we invite everyone to join. A didn’t, but S did. Turns out, she loved the movie. She was so cute and even took a selfie with the DVD box! She was really touched by it and shared how she had been feeling lost lately, but how this had lifted her spirits. She kept saying to G (in Tagalog) that she didn’t know G was meeting with us. Long story short, she ABSOLUTELY wants to meet again next saturday when we go over. She also ended up coming to church! I tell you, Ask and ye Shall Recieve, my friends. We were just like “heavenly father, can we have a new investigator?” And he was all like, “Yes sure. You may. Thanks for asking so nicely. Here you go. Her name is S. Take good care of her.” Haha but seriously.

In other miracles, even though P and I couldn’t come to church because of a family engagement, we still met our goal of 5 investigators at church because S AND J came!! I was so happy to see J there. He hasn’t come ever since we have taught him, so it was a huge miracle. It was also fast and testimony meeting and it was so good. So many members bore testimony of missionary work. The highlight was G and her Less Active sister, L. AH THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!

We now have 10 investigators, which so incredibly good for Singapore. I’ve never had so many investigators my whole mission! We also have a few great potentials we are meeting with this week, so we will have to update you on that next week! P is still getting baptized on Aug 16, so any prayers for her would be very helpful for her.

I love you all!

Sister Romney

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2 thoughts on “We were just like “heavenly father, can we have a new investigator?” And he was all like, “Yes sure.

  1. Hello, I am so excited each week to read your blog Sis. Romney! My son got his mission call 4 months ago and your blog we have followed each week, it has been so fun to see your photos and read about what is happening in Singapore. We have felt of your testimony and we send our love and prayers to you and the other elders and sisters currently serving. I am so excited for this week you mention the arrival of some new missionaries and my son is one of them. He’s so excited to be joining all of the elders and sisters he has been following. Thank you again for sharing your mission with the world. It has meant a lot to us and others I am sure!
    Keep up the good work.
    Love Katie Cheney

    1. Hi Katie! I just got a picture of your son with Haley. She was so surprised that he had been reading her blog! She says your son is a great missionary and has been teaching him some in training this week. I love technology! When our son was called to Jamaica, we followed a blog of one of the missionaries serving there. It was a great way to know what life was really like! Your son is in good hands!


      Lynette Romney

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