Miracles and blessings

Apa Khabar keluarga! Wo Ai Ni!! (Ok, that is two languages…)

It was fun to hear about the reunion! I’m sure it was a heap of fun! I’m sad I missed it, but we’ll have another one soon I’m sure!

This week was so quick! We had two exchanges, so that must be why it flew by. Sister Fa and I love being Sister Training Leaders, but man, we miss each other and our area and our beds when we exchange. Haha but seeing the miracles when we are with the other sisters makes it all worth it in the end.

So we had a couple cool experiences this week, as per usual. I’ve also learned a few things, so I hope I remember it all. First was on Wednesday. I was with Sister Simon from the fourth ward while Sister Fa was with Sister Reach. Sister Simon and I had two appointments in Ang Mo Kio that day and were trying to line up a member present to come with us to Sathees and Kohila. There is this super cool app called “whatsapp” that EVERYONE uses here. Its like iMessage in that is uses an internet connection, but its totally free. We meet people on the train and bus and we just say “whatsapp me!” Haha but I digress. So we have a big group of the members on whatapp that we use to try and get member presents and involve the members in the work. So I post our request on the page and see if someone is free. One brother, J, said “Sisters I can follow!” At first, I was going to see if someone else could come because I was really hoping for a woman to come with us to visit with M. But after realizing that Heavenly Father had blessed us with a member present, I humbled myself and set up the time to meet up with him. Well we get to that appointment and brother J was totally a blessing from heavenly father. We were reading from Ether 12 with S and K. Its all about faith. Brother J is a champion at expounding on scriptures!! He served a mission ages ago in the Philippines, so he had the missionary touch. Working with RMs is so great. He was able to connect with S and K in a whole different way. They really liked the scripture and it helped build their faith. TOTALLY awezome.

So after we left S and K’s, we had a recent convert class to go to, called School of the Converts. It is every Wednesday night at the church. A lot of our recent converts are either single or married without children, so they love it. Anyway, as we were leaving, we invited brother J and he said he could come! We were jazzed. Well, about 20 minutes into the lesson, I get a call from Sister G, the wife of our Investigator, J. She is a member and he isn’t. So she called to asked if we could come over with a priesthood holder to give John a blessing. He couldn’t walk. So we are about to leave to find a priesthood holder, when Elder Hord points out the obvious…brother J! It was PERFECT that he came because J, J, and G are ALL FILIPINO!! Filipinos have this super secret club here. If you are filipino, you are automatically in. Haha Its funny. ANYWAY! So we rush over with brother J to bless J. J gave one of the most sincere blessings I have ever heard. It was so powerful. In addition to promising him healing according to his faith, he promised him answers to his doubts and concerns and promised he and his family would be sealed together and live in the celestial kingdom. WOOOOW!!!! SO GOOD! It was a huge testimony builder for us as well as the family. Because of that, the eleven year old son, H asked some questions about the priesthood and wants to get it next month when he turns 12. We will have to talk to him more about it, but it totally can happen!
That was such a miracle, but it didn’t stop there. On Friday we exchanged with the third ward sisters (filipino ward). It was fun to be with sister Kelley. She is from Atlanta and is a classic southern belle. We went to go visit a referral from President Mains. His name is G and he works at a watch kiosk at one of the malls. He was so funny to visit with! He asked us all about baptism and if and why he has to do it. Twas a grand conversation and he set up another appointment for next Saturday. I have a good feeling about him! What was cool to see is how we were able to get a member to come as well. By putting out a mass whatsapp and praying to express faith, a member was miraculously able to come!

The message we are sharing with the sisters this transfer is about this principle exactly. In Doctrine and Covenants 103:36 “All victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith.” This principle is easy to see in missionary work, but also in life. Those three things, diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith, are the equation for miracles in out lives. When we involve the lord in any plans that we make, he will grant us ALL victory and glory. Not just some. Not just part. Not just half. ALL his victory. ALL his glory. Everything, unconditionally. We just have to play by his rules for that to happen. And sometimes it seems like we cannot accomplish what we have been given to do. Its times like this I hold to the testimony of Nephi. “I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men save he shall prepare a way for them to accomplish the things which he hath commanded.” Its a promise. God is fair and he is just. He wont command us to do something with the intention for us to fail. His purpose is to “bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” If he wanted us to fail, he would not have told Moses all about his purpose to have us succeed. I know this is true. I know that God only gives good gifts. Sometimes to our understanding they seem to suck, but he knows better than us. Its like little kids and vegetables (or in my case, big kids as well). They are nasty to our taste and all we want to eat is ice cream and candy! But too much candy and ice cream over time will probably kill us. That is why our parents give us vegetables, so we can grow.

Well I love you all immensely. Send my love to the ward, the family and the Jolsteads!

Sister Romney


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