missions and allergies

Hello family!

I’m so excited for you all to go to the reunion! Tell everyone hi for me (even if I don’t actually know them). This week was a really good one. It seemed to go really long though and I’m not sure why. Maybe the new transfer is just taking a while to heat up. I know that now I have said it was slow, this next week is going to fly by! KNOCK ON WOOD!!

This week was really good! We are working a lot with members to get new investigators. Ang Mo Kio ward has a goal of 12 baptisms in 2014 and we have 4 to date. We won’t let that get us down though! There is work yet to do here! Heavenly father said that the field is white everywhere! Not everywhere BUT Singapore. We see so many miracles every day, its impossible to think that the lord isn’t laboring with us in his vineyard. Jacob 5 has a whole new meaning to me since I am a laborer now.

We only had one exchange this week because another sister is going home sick. She will go home to America and hopefully get fixed and come back. We were supposed to exchange with her and her companion on friday, but her companion was sick, so we will just wait to see where the staying missionary goes and then exchange with them. Who knows! Maybe I’ll be in another trio! Three trios in three transfers would have to be a new record! Anyway, on our exchange with the woodlands sisters, we did it a bit differently. We are starting the exchange the night before and sleeping in each other’s houses so that there doesn’t need to be extra mattresses and stuff. That was always a pain before. Plus, its fun to get a new companion for a day. I really like exchanges. I was with Sister Krivanec on Wednesday and we took a couple young women heart attacking members. I think they had a good time. Its a lot of waiting for buses and walking to the flats, but we just chat and help them be excited for missions, so it is always time well spent. I miss young women’s a lot, but am glad I still get to hang out with them!

We are in the process of filling all our extra time with member appointments and/or heart attacking members and investigators. After a really good zone meeting on Tuesday, we were pumped to get the member lessons going. We talked about having what is called a “referral lesson,” or a lesson we teach to members to get them excited to do missionary work, thus, receive lots of referrals for us. So this weekend we had six member appointments and were just going going going all the time. Its really fun because all the members here are converts, with the exception of the kids. Plus, as we talk to them more and more, they were all member referrals. The story always starts with “I had this friend…” Its just such a testimony to me that working with the members is crucial to success and having converts that last more than a few years. All the members here are doing missionary work in some way or another, so we just committed them to pray about a friend or family who needs the gospel and then give them a book of mormon with their testimony in it. I know this is something we were always committed by missionaries to do at home and I feel bad I didn’t take missionary work more seriously. I know that we have friends who are prepared to hear the gospel and we just need to ask heavenly father who is. He knows exactly what is going on and when, and when someone needs for us to open our mouths. We just have to follow him in faith and trust it will be ok when we do open our mouths.

There was a funny story from the other night. We were at a couple’s house for dinner. Their names are L and R. R is retired and L works at the post office. Anyway, they fed all four of us missionaries Pizza and Lychee and Chicken nuggets. It was SO GOOD! It was NOT RICE so it was very nice. Anyway, amist the conversations of temples and where we are from, Brother R brought out this nutty bar thing from Thailand. It looked like peanuts and sesame seed and tasted really nice. I asked what it was and he just cracked up and said it was Clam. I told them I was allergic to shellfish earlier in the night, so I wan’t sure why he gave me clam. I’ve started carrying medicine with me because I have had shrimp a few times and it wasn’t so good. ANYWAY! There he is, this old Singporean man, laughing because he fed me clam. I was just like “uh…..really? This tastes like peanuts…” but he insisted it was clam. Long story short, it wasn’t clam, but we all got a kick out of me and Elder Hord freaking out for about 20 seconds.

Well I love you all! Have fun at the reunion and take lots of pictures for me! I will think of yous on the beach while I am in a different kind of heat!!

Sister Romney


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