OhOh, you’re half way there! Oh Oh, living on a prayer!

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You know that one time Bon Jovi sang “ooooooooooh We’re half way there, OH OH! Living on a prayer!” I get it now. Mom, you were inspired with your subject line. Yes, its true, I am half way through my mission. I’m not really sure what happened, because I’m pretty sure that I was just a month ago that I landed in Singapore and was serving in KL with Sister Guzman and Sister Schriever. And wasn’t it last week that I was transferred to Penang to train the angel, Sister Bradfield? Man. I’ve been in Singapore three months already and will be here for a while longer. Being a missionary is like being a Time Lord, I think. You just sort of forget that time is the same for other people, so you accidentally lose two years of your life. WHOOPS! If there has been one thing I have learned in the last nine months, it would be that God loves us so much. Like, seriously. Don’t ever doubt that fact. He is anxious for our success in life. He rejoices in our trumphs and crys with us in our failures, but he ALWAYS knows who we can become. He only wants to help up be all that we can be.

So my new companion is Sister Fa’aleiua, from Samoa. Her name is pronounced FA-AH-LAY-OO-UH. She is so great to work with. She and I work hard but laugh the whole way. She is convinced she is gong to turn me brown, because in her words, I’m just too white. Its going to be a great transfer.

This week was amazing. We had to carry umbrellas with us because it RAINED MIRACLES!! Haha ok, sorry that was cheesy. But its true! It was an awesome week. Somehow, between picking up new missionaries and transfers, we still taught more lessons that any other week. How does that happen? Well it did. Here are some miracles for you to feast your beasty eyes on!

Remember K? The neighbor of E and J? He invited us into his house to talk the gospel and stuff and he is a new investigator now! Every investigator is a miracle in itself because Singaporeans are so busy they don’t even have time to eat (I think its why they are so skinny…just a theory). So when we have someone committed to learning, its a very, very happy day. Anyway, K is so great. He just wants to be happy and healthy. He works all the time at a hard job and comes home to a sick mother, so he drinks his problems away. He knows he shouldn’t but he does. Good thing we have the answer to BOTH those desires! Haha I love the gospel because it really does help people.

On Saturday we went with a sweet Filipino sister, , to hunt down some lost sheep, aka, inactive members who we don’t know. We’ve been doing that a lot (carrying on your work, Sister Guzman!). Its a good thing we have smart phones with GPS, because I get lost WITH them! Without would be a helpless shipwreck. Anyway, after getting off the bus and walking past the place at least twice, we found the condos we were looking for. After wandering some more and asking directions, we found the correct unit and stuff. No one was home, so we knocked on the neighbor’s door to see if we were close. The neighbor’s name is A. She was kind of standoffish at first, but after asking her some questions, we just started talking to her, person to person. She really was open to talking about her beliefs. She is a really awesome person. She is good to her kids and respects their decisions. She is a strong Buddhist because it is what she studied, not just because she follows her family. She also is a full time house wife because she is taking care of her mother in law who is so far gone with dementia. I think she just like having an intelligent conversation. She spends all day with her vegetative mother and indonesian maid, who didn’t speak english very well. I hope we left a good impression with her. Anyway, she was most helpful to us in identifying her neighbors as NOT the person we were looking for. We gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and she said she would read it, but we’ll see what happens. Heavenly father totally prepares people for us to meet.

So yesterday was fast sunday! We were fasting with two of our investigators. P (who is now on date for August 16th) was so cute and gave us goody bags with Kraft Mac and Cheese, Ribena juice box, crackers, and mini snickers and kisses. SHE IS SO CUTE!! She was so grateful to us. She is so ready to be baptised. She comes to church every week, reads her scriptures and knows its true. We’re just working through a couple of hang ups. She’ll be a great kingdom builder. ANYWAY. Fasting was great and S bore his testimony! Its a proud moment when one of your investigators bears their testimony. He is only 15, but he has such a strong desire for righteousness. He is so grateful for all he has been taught because he knows its true. It made me swell with happiness. The work we do here really does have lasting effects and it is moments like this that make the heat, the humidity, the strange food, and the mean strangers all seem like not a big deal. Its true that our adversities and afflictions are just a small moment.

Well we have an awesome week ahead of us! STL exchanges start up on wednesday and will be every wednesday and friday for a most every week. We are doing it a bit differently, but I’m excited for the change. I love you all and am always praying for you!

Sister Romney

PS Mom, to answer your questions, I know we hiked, but i don’t remember any in particular. I eat lots of rice with the locals, but totally still eat McDonalds, Subway, all that jazz. I”M SO HAPPY YOU EAT NAAN!! I’m excited to have it when I get home!!!!


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