Transfer News

TRANSFER NEWS! I will be staying in Ang Mo Kio as a Sister Training Leader with Sister Fa’aleiua! She is from American Samoa and we lived together the first three months of my mission. She’s also technically my older sister because she was trained by Sister Guzman right before me! We’ll make you proud Mama Guzman!!

Sorry if this is a strange email. We are all freaking out about transfers, so I may revert to my Singlish ways. This week was so so fast! Both zone conferences were amazing. The focus was on repentance, something that we all needed to hear. The idea and talks focused on repentance as change. You don’t have to be a malignant sinner to repent. Even missionaries repent. We progress fastest when repentance becomes a pattern of our lives. It was very well received among the missionaries, so I hope it kicks up the progression of the mission. As for us, it made us REALLY excited to get going on stuff. We had a bunch of miracles this week! Let me tell you a few. So we went with a nice member named Sister R to heart attack Sister J and Brother E, right? They have two kids out on missions right now, so it would seem to be a nice thing to do. So we go with Sister R with hopes to take her knocking with us, and while we were doing the heart attacking, their neighbors were watching us. It was in an apartment building, and as per custom, the door was wide open. When people are home, they usually leave their door open. Anyway, so the indian neighbors were watching us, cause lets be honest, we are pretty weird looking when we heart attack, so we started talking to them and, also, as per custom, they invited us in for some cold drinks (water only, I promise). We were hesitant to enter at first, but then a man came up from the elevator. Turns out it was his house and he just came home from work. His name is K and the people we were talking to were his Sister and his Mom. K is probably 55 or over. We had an excellent conversation with them, because they know J and E. We got a return appointment with K for Sunday at 5:30. That was one miracle. Miracle number two is similar to number one. Yesterday (Sunday), we had lots of appointments scheduled right after each other. The first was with Ivan right after church, but he didn’t come. I guess a mini miracle was we were able to send two recent converts to his house to check on him. Our next appointment was when with a potential name W A. He was called from an old number sheet and agreed to meet. After a long time, and many phone calls, we found out through the member we brought with us that his car broke down and he couldn’t meet us. That was really a bummer, but we set off for our appointment with K. We confirmed plans with him the night before, so we were confident in our meeting. When we got to his house (a few minutes late) our members weren’t there, but we knocked on his door to get to the appointment anyway. The maid came to the door and said that K came home from his night shift, downed a couple of alcoholic beverages and was passed out in bed, not to be awakened. We were all pretty upset. K was supposed to be our golden new investigator, and he was already breaking the word of wisdom! Plus out mission has a standard of excellence of two new investigators a week and our two potential investigators didn’t happen. Ok, ready for the miracle? The maid invites us in, so we do, because we have all this time now. Its just her and the mom, who is this ancient tamil woman. We didn’t think she spoke english because in the last meeting, she just sat there. She also has depression and stuff, so we weren’t sure how lucid she was. But we started talking and she responded in simple english!! REAL SENTENCES! Plus she is a really old Singaporean, like from when Singapore was part of Malaysia, so she speaks BAHASA!!! She and Sister LeBaron start talking and all of a sudden, we’re teacher her and the maid. So Sister LeBaron would speak in Bahasa to L, who would translate to Tamil for the Maid, B—somthing or other. Tamil names are hard. ANYWAY! B would ask question back in Tamil, so L would ask Sister LeBaron who would translate into English for us. It reminded me of lessons in Malaysia. THE MIRACLE is that they both want to learn more, so they totally became our two new investigators. The moral of this story is that Heavenly Father never gives commandments we can’t keep. If he wants us to do something, he will prepare a way for us to do it. Two new investigators? CAN! he wants you kids to attend seminary every day? NO PROBLEM! You have been given a great big calling and don’t know how to handle it? DON”T EVEN STRESS!! I can’t believe it has taken me this long on my mission and in life to figure that out, but it is a true story. Its like Nephi said, “And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.” I know this is true. I know that we can accomplish anything with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ on our side. I love you all! Remember this through your week!

Sister Romney


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