Refrigerators and Prayer

Hey Family!

The wedding turned out so great! I won’t comment on the fact that I look oddly proportioned compared to the rest of you lovely regular sized people, but it looks great anyway! Big thanks to Ken Jamison for making that happen!
This week was a great one! We had a Pinata in Asia, I renewed my visa in Indonesia, and we had amazing lessons, as per usual.
So last week at our ward Family home Evening, we made a Pinata and it was a success! Of course Asians don’t know what a Pinata is, so its ok we didn’t paint it! We related it to prayer and how sometime we have to ask Heavenly father a few times before he showers us with blessings, which he ALWAYS does. I have such a testimony of prayer. We pray all the time, but I’m always working on praying more. I’ve prayed in a house, on a bike, on an MRT, a ferry, in apartments, in shacks. With buddhists, hindus, free thinkers, muslims, and straight crazy people. Someone gives a great quote about how prayer is a natural need that just flows from us when we understand what we mean to God and when we understand him. I feel that way so much. Prayer is just a natural reaction to adversity. It is me calling upon a greater force for help I can’t create on my own. Through prayer, I understand who heavenly father is and who I am to him. He love us, his children, so much. When we don’t pray, we aren’t allowing him to bless us. When we pray but without any real emphasis behind it, we are pretty much just talking to a refrigerator. You have to open it if you want cake. 
Indonesia was really fun! We went to a place called Batam and just poked around while stuff was processing. Everything there is super cheap, but would seem expensive.  A water was 80,000 rupiah…which is maybe 3 US dollars. Its crazy like that. I bought a bunch of stuff for you all and it will be coming soonish. We also thought it would be a great idea to get a foot massage because it was SO cheap! There was a really classy place that did reflexology, so we went for it. We were fully expecting lady massuses, but WHOOPS! They were burly Indonesian men!! haha there was three of us missionaries there, so we spent the hour just giggling like the little girls we are. 
We taught some great lessons this week. S and K are still amazing. They have been reading and praying with their mom to help her progress more. 
Well this week is Zone conference, which means the whole mission will be in Singapore at least once. We have two conferences, two exchanges, and MLC. Its going to be crazy! But I love you all! Be good!
Sister Romney



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