Baptism days are crazy

Hello family!

Oh my heck, this week was indescribable! The highlight? I GOT BAPTIZED!! That was definitely the thing on my mind the most. More on that later. 
We met with S and K, like usual, and their mom officially became a new investigator! She is really nice but doesn’t speak much English. The next time we went, we took a translator member. Anyway, the point is that we asked her if S and K could be baptized. They have been learning for over a year and are some of the most active members of the ward. She is mostly ok with it, but we learned its her husband that is the hold up. He is a very strong Hindu. While he is ok with them coming to church and stuff, baptism is a different story. We set goals and made plans for them to talk with Daddy G and stuff. We are actually going Punjabi Suit Shopping with M and S and K today, so we hope that will help her trust us more. Nothing like white girls in Little India to build Trusting relationships, right?
Our second new investigator for the week is J, the husband of a member from the Philippines. We had a great lesson with their family saturday, about father’s day and stuff. We watched the Mormon Message “heavenly father, earthly father” and it really struck a chord with him. He had some really great questions about the holy ghost and heavenly father and stuff. He has learned before, and is really prepared now. I hope that my getting him learning it will make the family more active. 
OK! I(initial of investigator) GOT BAPTIZED! It was easily the strangest day I have ever had on my mission. So we planned on meeting I at one since his baptism was at two. As we were walking up the walk way to the church, we run into A, who was speaking and of course came early. As we rounded the gate into the car park, we saw this deluge of water spilling from the roof of the car park, aka the floor of the font room. We book it up to the font to asses the damage. The whole time, I was thinking “WE HAVE FLOODED THE CHURCH!” However, the church’s insides were fine. But the font was still leaking none the less. After calling our ward mission leader who turned it on and tried to stop the leak with a plastic bag, we determined a plate over the drain would fix our problem. So Sister Waldvogel and Sister LeBaron hunted for a rock to hold the plate down, only to realize that we were in Singapore, a country where no rock would be un cemented. So we decided to just try to use the plate only. However there was still a few feet of water in the font, so Sister Waldvogel, just like a super hero, sacrificed her cute outfit to get wet in the font and put the plate down. She rocked it, I must say. However, the font still leaked profusely. I came right on time and didn’t seem to mind this calamity.
We had a great pre-baptism lesson with I, but had a slight problem with him. We forgot to tell him to bring an extra pair of underoos and his white shirt and tie. We were too squirly to tell him ourselves cause we are GIRLS, so we had a male member do it. Before we knew what was up, I was walking home to get the stuff. Ok, no biggie, because the baptism has been postponed an half and hour and it was still 1:30. However, people started coming and give their opinions of how things should be done and I almost lost my cool. Good thing I’m queen of the cool. The janitor came and fixed the font, not worries. Except I was still missing. I also realized I had SMSed our Ward Mission Leader I’s full chinese name wrong. It had autocorrected the chinese name to from “Huat” to “Hiatus.” You would think that because the phone is asian, it would be better than this, but it wasn’t. So I was Hiatus. GREAT!! Everything was going crazy, just as baptism days go. 
It was 2:10 and I still wasn’t back. We had called his house SO MANY TIMES but no one answered. We all had grey hairs and wrinkles popping out of nowhere from the stress of it all. It was so bad….but at 2:15, he just pops out of the lift declaring “I’m here” and then walking to the bathroom to get all changed. We three just laughed and laughed and laughed. The baptism turned out great. Nothing like a little stress to wake you up. 
Well we are excited for this week! I’ll be going to Batam, Indonesia for a day, so wish me luck! Congrats to Jackson and Kendra as they get married on FRIDAY! WOOT!!!!
I love you all!
Sister Romney



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