Haley turns 20

Ni Hoe Ma?

Thank you for all the emails I’ve gotten for my birthday! It was a magical day full of highs and lows. I still don’t feel 20, but I can’t imagine a better way or a better place to have such a benchmark. More about that later. 
This week was oddly long but short. It felt like seven whole days, as opposed to feeling like it flys by. We have been working SO hard! Like, I thought I was a diligent missionary before (and I was) but Sister LeBaron has brought such a life and energy with her from East Malaysia. She has this amazing mind that thinks about things I wouldn’t even dream of! It makes planning lessons and seeing the results really amazing! We had a lot of great lessons this week and even better member appointments. Because she has been a missionary so long, she has a lot of insights and is really good at the mechanics of PMG. Its like she ate it and now is just throwing up AWESOMENESS for everyone. I know that she is here to help me be more awesome. We are exhausted at the end of the day because we just are working all day long. Sometimes we eat and even more seldom to we sleep. Ok, so thats a lie. I sleep VERY well, every night. Anyway, Sister LeBaron is a huge blessing to us. 
So the highlight of this week was my birthday, but only partly because my companions treated me like a princess. They started the day by making me crepes, a tradition I forgot about momentarily. I must have eaten 6, all smothered in nutella! After a rocking morning of studies, we went to Lunch nearby with out district. They insisted on singing to me in the middle of Wendy’s AND THEN going around the table and saying what they like about me. Oh I was so squirely. But after Lunch and some more planning, we went out to an appointment with an old former named E. We waited for an HOUR with our member present before he showed up, just to return his copy of the Book of Mormon…oh that was hard to swallow. He was really nice about it, just saying that the Bible was enough for him, and he still wanted to be friends, but man. it didn’t make it easier. I have such a testimony of the Book of Mormon. that it is MORE Revalation from God. Why people would say “no thanks. I don’t want more instruction and more testimony of how God loves me and about how Jesus is the Christ,” I’m stumped. I receive answers to everyday matters in the book of mormon and it give me such a direction in life. It helps me know who I am and WHOSE I am. I am the person I am today because of the Book of Mormon. It rocks and I invite everyone reading this to read the book of mormon and test out my testimony.  
So yes. that was hard. However, after, our Member Present, a recent convert named C bought me cake for my birthday. It was a pastry thing and oh man, it was delicious. Fat Kids Club for days!! We went straight over to a Filipino members  house for her Husband’s birthday. He isn’t a member and they invited all their non members friends, so it was ripe for the picking! Or so we thought. There was great food and stuff, but there was also really loud Karaoke and some Alcohol. At one point, I was just like “oh my heck. I feel squirley,” when the seven-year-old son came and sat next to me. He told me he like to sing to and started Singing, “if the savior stood beside me.” We sang the first verse together and my heart melted for him. THEN he went to grab his New Testament story book and he opened to his favorite story. It is “Jesus Christ’s Second Coming.” When I asked him why this was his favorite, he said “because Jesus will come and I will be safe.” I almost lost it. He was such an example of light to me in a place of a lot of darkness. I want to shine as bright as he did that night. 
After we left the party and those sweet boys, we went to find a person on our ward list we didn’t know. After taking a bus and walking for a bit, we were in a really old part of Singapore with REAL houses! Most people here live in flats (apartments). After persevering through some scary dogs, rickety trucks and a lot of dark, we found the house and we found our person. She was baptized in 1972 and has been inactive since 1973! She is such a sweet lady, though, and we are excited to work with her more. It was a miracle she was there and we were prompted to go, because she wouldn’t have been otherwise. 
Well that was my week! I love you all so much! Keep on Keepin’ on! 
Sister Romney



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