Haley’s voice just shines through in this letter

Hello Hello my lovely family!

This week we had a lot of great surprises and experiences! 
     Monday was a relaxed P-Day because it was the end of the month and NO ONE had money for anything. Thus, we just spent the day at the stake center. Some of the missionaries played sports, lots just sat and talked, but as for me and my house, we puzzled. A couple of the Chinese Elders (meaning elders who speak chinese, not FROM China) bought a 2016 piece puzzle. It was one of those hard ones that is mostly sky pieces. We puzzled hard for four hours and didn’t have much more than the border done. Elder Durrant (one of the afore mentioned Chinese Elders) took it home and I guess he has been working on it in his free time. My elbows were all torn up; we puzzled like unto old ladies when Bingo night is cancelled. 
     Tuesday we got an interesting call from President Mains. Sister Jalil, a new sister who i talked about last week, decided she was not ready for her mission and went home to Bintulu. Because of this, Sister Lebaron, a sister with only three months left, was coming to Singapore on Wednesday to be in a trio with us. SO! We be three again! It has been a really new experience with her. She is incredibly hard working and has a lot of mission experience to draw from. She has spent the last nine months in East Malaysia, so she is a bit thrown by Singapore and all of its amazing strong members and the structure the church has. In Malaysia, missionaries are the heartbeat and the backbone of a lot of branches. When we talked about how ALL the callings are filled and how we don’t have to teach every Sunday because the teachers show up, she almost cried. I think it was with joy? Anyway. She spent her first three months in the Filipino ward, so this will be her first Singaporean ward. Cool beans, right?
     We had to re-plan a lot of exchanges now that we have three. Since most of the sister houses have two companionships in them, we decided to just have one of us go with the other set of sisters while we split up the planned companionship. Its kinds of nuts, to be honest. I imagine this is what planning a wedding is like, with much less sewing (I really don’t miss that). 
     Friday we were able to go on an exchange with the sisters in First Ward, Sister Schriever and Sister Zhang! As you remember, Sister Schriever is my MTC Comp and Second KL Comp, and Sister Zhang is from mainland China! She is a cutie. I was with Sister Schriever again! It was so much fun. I know it was a hard companionship back in the day, but we have both grown a lot and it was a joy to be with her again. I think she enjoyed having an American companion for a day. Anyway, we had a bit of time before we went home for the night, so Sister Zhang when little Chinese Lady on my back. It hurt like the dickens but was so worth it. I don’t have back problems or anything big, but being a missionary and walking for eight hours a day takes its toll. 
     Saturday was a baptism for an investigator in Bedok ward. We were planning on having an investigator come, but when we called to see where he was, he had to bail. He takes medicine that makes it hard for him to get good sleep, so he doesn’t usually wake up until noon. Since church is at one, its no problem! However, we wanted him to see a baptism. It’ll be ok though. 
     Sunday was an amazing day! We got a white shirt and tie from a departed Elder for V because he had no money to buy one. So as soon as he came to church, we had C, his fellowshipper, grab him and help him into it. We had his baptismal interview during second hour and he passed!! WOOHOO! V is getting baptized June 14 at 5pm!! I was so excited I just couldn’t stand still. I was dancing around the hallway of the church. Its a good thing the ward already knows I’m a weirdo, otherwise they might have kicked me out 😉 Haha he is so ready for baptism. After church we got all the particulars worked out, talks and prayers and hymns and stuff. When we asked who he wanted to speak, we explained someone who he knew and liked to listen to. He automatically pointed to me and I was touched. HOWEVER! We agreed I would give a prayer and have a MEMBER give the talks. When we asked him to pick his favorite hymns, he opened randomly and chose “truth reflects upon our senses” and another obscure one. He’s a really funny guy. 
    After church we took some chocolate chip cookies we had made earlier over to S and K’s place. We had a cool lesson with their mom sitting in on wednesday (first time), but she didn’t come to church. I guess the parents, M and G, were really touched by it. Hopefully its softens their heart. But after we dropped those off, we met a guy in the elevator who actually has been taught before. He isn’t super keen to learn, but he invited us upstairs to meet his family. He is from India, so of course when we walked in the WHOLE family came out to say hello and listen to us, even though some didn’t speak English. They also cut us up some Apples and Guava and gave us this nice cake stuff and sprite. And when we didn’t finish it all, they packed it for us to take home. Remember, we met these people 10 minutes before. Indian people are probably the more generous people I have ever met. We are hoping that the family is ready to learn. Miracles are the best!
     Well! I have a big P-day of post card writing ahead of me! Sister Lebaron and Waldvogel are both sick, so we are just going to go home and have them rest. Don’t worry mom, I took Airborn, Echinacea and Vitamin C this morning, so I hope I’ll be ok. I love you all and have an amazing week, ok? Make today awesome!
Sister Romney



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