Crazy busy week!

Holy Hannah Montana. This week was insane!

So this week was a transfer week, right? And due to the nature of our calling as STLs, that means it was a busy busy week. Monday’s P-Day, we went to East Coast Park, which has a gorgeous beach with the best sand ever. Its probably imported from somewhere, knowing Singapore. Anyway, a lot ofย  the missionaries were there, maybe 26? There was a game of ultimate frisbee happening and I joined in a game of Volleyball with a bunch of elders and rocked their world…cause I was so bad ๐Ÿ˜€ Haha but so were they, so i basically just rolled around in the sand for funnsies.ย 

Tuesday we had the last district meeting with our old District Leader, Elder Kavapalu. He’s Tongan from Australia. However, he kind of forgot to prepare a training for us, so I just jumped up there and taught about successful missionaries for 40 minutes. its was based on a great personal study I had earlier in the week. We looked in chapter one of Preach my Gospel at the section classifying a successful missionary. I think it went well? Haha by virtue of me teaching, I liked it. However, the spirit was there, so it was uplifting. I love the feel the spirit teach through me. When this happens, I rarely can remember what I said!ย 

Wednesday we were called on a bit unexpectedly to pick up three sisters from the Airport. One, sister Simon, was just coming back from Indonesia, her home country and where she had been serving for 7 weeks because of visa issues. She’s getting a work permit now, so that will be great for her. The Second sister was Sister Jalil, a local from Bintulu, East Malaysia, who we picked up 3 weeks ago before she entered the Manila MTC. Now she’s back to serve her mission! She’s in Kuching, East Malaysia. The LAST sister was Sister Ramahefarivo from Madagascar. She came in for a quick visit to Singapore, just overnight. She is serving in Penang with Sister Lewis, so I got to hear all about my people there! Sasi is finally moved over to Penang! She’s looking good for her date in July! I’m so excited for her! ANYWAY! We spent all day either AT the airport, or on our way TO the airport or BACK from the airport. Its an hour by bus and 45 minutes by MRT. Aioh…it was a rough day. Especially since we had to cancel our appointment with A and her husband and mom. She was really cool about it, but we’ll have to try and see them again SOON to set something up.ย 

Thursday we picked up the new missionaries from Provo! We got two sister and three elders, plus sister Jalil, making it a nice even six! The new sisters are sister Crabb and Archibald. I actually wrote sister Crabb a letter when I was in Penang, more specifically, in a HOSPITAL in Penang. Haha it was when we had to spend the night there for Sister Bradfield. Oh good times ๐Ÿ˜€ anyway, Sister Crabb is a friend from BYU of Katie Mullen’s! Crazy, huh? She and Sister Archibald are so cute and Sister Jalil is just the cutest Iban I’ve ever met! So we took them all back to the stake center and had a big day of trainings and stuff for them. As STLs, we only gave one training, on Muslim Contacting, Immigration, First Vision and Book of Mormon. Its super easy, so no sweat.ย 

Friday was the morning meeting where we had to give talks. The prompt is “advice I would give new missionaries.” Mine was a spin off of the How to Begin Teaching points in PMG in chapter 10. It was “how to begin your mission” ๐Ÿ˜€ I think that it was good info, but I didn’t like having to read from a paper. Thats now how I work. I like to have an outline of what I want to say, that way, there is room for the spirit to speak through me. Its way more fun that way, because sometimes I just say ridiculous things, but the spirit makes it ok ๐Ÿ˜€ We got the newbies their companions and they got all situated and stuff. Sisters Crabb and Archibald will stay in Singapore, so we will get to work closely with them. We are already planning exchanges! We also went and got indian food for lunch (tradition, I guess) and Sister Archibald want to learn how to eat with her hand. Since I’m indian and all, I just whipped it out for her! haha I love eating with my hands. It may gross you out when I get home, but I’ll teach you the ways ๐Ÿ˜€

Saturday was more low key. We planned a lot for the Sisters and our area. We have some crazy weeks a head of us! We now have 7 companionship we look after, and they are younger missionaries. they are good girls though…we love them a lot.ย 

Yesterday was a great day at church. The young men took over sacrament meeting, so we had some great talks from them. I love working with the young men and young women, mostly because, lets be honest, I’m still like a 12 year old boy. Sort of…haha we have a really good sized young men and young women. I think its probably around 8 youth each. Not bad, eh? Anyway, twas really cool. I also had the opportunity to watch the church movie, “Joseph Smith: Prophet of the restoration.” Holy man, it was so good. I told Sister Waldvogel I wouldn’t cry, so when the final credits rolled and I started Sobbing, she was scared. I haven’t actually cried in front of my companions, and good thing too. You know how it is when i cry. You would think that someone killed my pet unicorn or something. Its all snotty and teary and I make this awful sound that sounds like a clogged vacuum cleaner. Sister Waldvogel handles tears like a champ though. We had a great talk about trial and faith and stuff. It was a great bonding moment ๐Ÿ˜€

Well, this week should be more back to normal, so I’m looking forward to that. To answer your questions, mom, No I’m not picking up the piano. I still only know one song, and Annie Caught me playing it. ALSO! The birthday cake M&Ms were weird. I felt like they were glorified chocolate. However, the carrot cake ones were SUPER nice! I like them a lot. They freaked out Sister Waldvogel though!ย 

I love you and and love hearing from you about your lives! Keep being the Pandai missionaries you are!

Sister Romney



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