Hello Family!!

It was so great to skype with you all! Its been all the buzz around the mission! 

If I had to describe this week in two words? Heart attacking! Haha  we have been slowly heart attacking all the auxiliaries in an attempt to help the ward be unified and stuff. We’re also hoping we can squeeze a dinner appointment or two out of it, so we’ll see. We have been been crazy busy making all sorts of hearts. I’m all sorts of crafty now! Haha such a sister missionary. 
We also had our zone meeting this week. Sister Waldvogel and I gave a training on Faith. We showed the talk, “Lord, I believe” by Elder Holland. its from 2012, but it has helped me a lot on my mission. I hope it will help our zone. The mission is struggling with finding new investigators, so we are trying to increase our faith and our actions (things we can control) so that heavenly father will put people in our paths who are ready. 
Sister Waldvogel and I are working a lot with Less Active members. Personally, this is my favorite part of missionary work. The person knew it was true at some point, so its just a matter of reminding them. We had a cool miracle with this. So it was thursday night. We had planned out guts out all day long. After Dinner we were getting ready to go out and visit some Less Actives out by our place. As we were making the plans, a sister called and cried for a bit about her companion. Normal day as STL, ladies and gents! So that delayed us about 40 or so minutes. Then we were trying to get an app to work so we would know how to get to these places. Since our phone was almost dead, and the only plug was low on the wall beneath our table, I sat under our table for a good 10 minutes trying to make the stinkin’ app work. it didn’t, however I want to break our phone. However, its smart phone, so no one would like that. We decided to go to a different house, a stop or two away by MRT. This one would be easier to get to because Sister Waldvogel had been there before. 
Now here is the Miracle. We pray on the elevator ride up, like usual. When we approached the door, only the gate was closed, so we saw an indian guy with no shirt on, as per usual. We asked the name we were there for and he was all, “nope! not at this house!” I kept talking to him, hoping to skim of the promised blessings of new investigators, when a cute indian lady in her 30s comes to the door saying “oh its just the missionaries” and let us in! Long story short, she and her mother were also on out list of people to find. Missionaries have been leaving their cards saying they’ve stopped by for about 2 years now, but always come at the wrong time. Since we were delayed so much, we made it at the PERFECT time. They have been less active for 10 years or so, but still know its true/ The shirtless guy is the A, the young lady’s husband. he’s hindu, but a really cool guy, open to learning I think. He’s also from Penang, so we had a bonding moment over that! Anyway, we shared our testimonies about God’s love and we are going back over on Wednesday to learn how to make chicken curry, my favorite indian food, ever!! They are amazing and with a little love, could totally come back!
This week we have new missionaries coming in, so I’ll have all sorts of trainings to give, but we’re really excited! I love you family! Keep sharing the gospel in new and creative ways! Mom’s idea to have lunch and or smoothies is great! just remember that if love is your motivation for missionary work, you will never fail!
Sister Romney
The pics are all of Haley opening her Birthday package.  



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